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For any close observer of the Nigerian political clime, frequent and inordinate inter-party defection will neither be a surprise nor a thing to have a headache over.

Since the return to democratic dispensation in 1999, defection from one political party to another has become so rampant that it has almost been accepted by the populace as a norm that the defectors and their colleagues are driven by personal interest rather than that of the masses remains an incontrovertible fact.
However, should that be of any concern to me? I have long rejected Nigeria. Everything I do and everything I think about is mainly centred on how I can contribute my own quota in making Biafra a reality.

But yes, I do care about the quagmire in which Nigeria have chosen to immerse herself. This is because at the end, it is the people, like beasts of burden, that will bear the brunt of the whole stupidity, while the architects of their sorrow, the political elites, legs on table, soft sofa beneath and behind them, will be puffing smoke from expensive smoking pipes and smiling on the fortune the exercise has brought them.
My main concern is the cunningness behind all the brouhaha. The north has always been known to play the game of politics well. At least if for nothing else, for being the adopted child of the ageing colonial lord in faraway land; and for always being of one voice and one mind for which I must give them credit.

In 2014, desperate for power, they massively defected from the then ruling PDP to the emergent APC. They got the power, but they made a mess of it. Another general election is around the corner. They have begun to take their leave again. Having destroyed APC, they need a fresh breath elsewhere. PDP thus beckons.

My other concern is that the defectors are predominantly from a particular region so drunk with madness for power to consider fair play. They know they have completely killed APC that no form of repackaging can sell it to Nigerians again. By the time they are done with their well calculated defection, APC will be nothing but a mere shell of its former self. Then a strengthened PDP will give Nigeria another Fulani as a presidential candidate. The weakened APC perhaps, may zone theirs to the South. Who knows, if Southeast will not be their port of call?

Are we not, after all, blessed with willing tools and useful idiots? Orji Uzo Kalu, Okorocha, and Dave Umahi may be good to go. Don't think Buhari and the Caliphate are not part of this plan. The interests of the caliphate surpass that of the president coming from that part, and to which I can authoritatively say Buhari is merely a tool and a means to a larger end.

My concern is also that another Fulani President is in the offing to continue from where Buhari stopped. Fulani encroachment on our land will continue. But in spite of the dark days ahead, we can only grow stronger.

Let me conclude with this saying of Ojukwu that always gives me hope and the zeal to keep pushing... "Biafra is the only effective bulwark against Arab/Islamic expansionism in West Africa".
We will stem the tide of Islamic push towards our land. We will push them back to the edges of the Sahara. And we will build a free nation, Biafra, from where the healing rays of the Rising Sun will shine forth, healing Africa and bringing succour to a continent ravaged by disease, want, exploitation and backwardness for over four hundred years.


Written by:
Chinwe Onah
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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