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It is public knowledge that in Nigeria there is no such thing as free and fair election. Again, using what happened in Ekiti state governorship election few weeks ago, is more than enough to judge the inability of independent national electoral commission (INEC) and to state emphatically that they are not credible to conduct a free and fair election in 2019 that will remove Buhari from office through PVC even if he lost. Such believe in a commission that its head is publicly known to shamelessly support lawlessness and rig elections at every election is a joke of the century. If the opposition parties in Nigeria like they can merge all the parties together against APC; with the lopsided appointment of this APC government and hateful structure in place, in favour of the north, they cannot be able to remove ‘Buhari’ from that office because APC has been known as a party that publicly rigs elections without shame and regard for electoral laws.

They did it in Rivers state re-run election, rigged in Edo state, publicly and shamelessly rigged in Anambra state with concocted figures and few weeks ago openly rigged in Ekiti state. Yet, you are still deceiving yourselves and others believing in APC and INEC that is headed by Buhari brother.

Another reason why believing to remove Buhari through PVC is a defeated battle is because the heads of INEC, Nigeria army, Civil Defence, Police, DSS, etc. are all his kinsmen and from the same place and religion; and they are all in support of Buhari and if they refused him their support, they will be gone with him.

The best option for all southerners is to boycott the 2019 elections. Nobody on earth can force you to come out and vote if you are in your house without going to the field, neither will anyone arrest you if you did not come out. We are asking for boycott of all Nigerian elections in 2019 because that's the only way out and forward.

On the PVC aspect, even if you have your PVC, it is of no use in the elections. By now Biafrans and Nigerians should have come to the full realisation that only a total and complete boycott of elections in Nigeria is needed right now. We Biafrans worldwide have said it publicly over and over that we shall "boycott all elections" in Nigeria come 2019. Anyone thinking, seeking or hoping to get IPOB to participate in any election in Nigeria is wasting time. It has been continuously proven that PVC and election in Nigeria are tools to enslave our people which we can never accept again.

If Nigerians wishes to continue to cast their votes and participate in Nigerian election, no problem they can continue but Biafrans will not participate in casting a vote for any moron again.

By going out to vote, you are giving them chance to enslave you more and more instead of you demanding for your freedom. By going to vote, you are only helping the politicians to rig election when you go out to vote.

Furthermore, what people are doing by voting is legally renewing their pain and suffering every 4 years. IPOB knows that these Politicians are fighting for themselves and not for the masses. Only self-determination through referendum can bring an end to the endless genocide, ethnic cleansing, Islamisation, criminality and hardship that is ongoing in Nigeria.

Some southeast and South-South politicians are still pleading and begging for more states and restructuring while fire is burning in their houses, homes, villages and communities, instead of them to proclaim that there will be no election come 2019.

We are hereby asking everyone, our youth, mothers and fathers to shun 4,000 naira or 10,000 and support the boycott election and Biafra referendum as only this will yield a positive outcome. At the end we will celebrate and come out in flying colours.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi KANU
God bless Biafra and Biafrans


Written by:
Franca Ovuakporaye
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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