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Continuous harassment of IPOB members by the occupational government Nigeria government has reached its crescendo and it will no longer be condoned. It is within the right of the indigenous people to protest against any government policy targeted against them and it is also within the right of the government to address the issue. Arrest and detention of our mothers including pregnant ones is illegal and total violation of our fundamental human right as an indigenous people. Watching thousands of our women being packed like sardine in a lorry into Owerri magistrate court including the pregnant ones and the injured ones is unacceptable.

The right to protest is very much prominent in the 1999 constitution of Nigeria and also in the Africa and UN chatter respectively for the right of the indigenous people and this right was what our mothers were exercising in Owerri on 17th of August, 2018, when the occupational federal government through their murderous agents Nigerian combined armed force attacked them. This shows how unprofessional and wicked Nigerian security agencies are, they are so aggressive to unarmed aged women who are old enough to be their mother exercising their right for self-determination, but they cannot do the same to Fulani herdsmen terrorists and boko haram terrorists whose activities have left thousands of Nigerians dead and hundreds of others with terminal injuries for the past three years now.

The criminal silence of Biafran political leaders and Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo led Nnia Nwodo is a testament that they have colluded with our enemies (Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria) to kill their own people for political gains. If not so, they wouldn't have kept quiet while our women are being harassed and molested in our land on daily basis, even in the event of war the rights of women, children and aged were always protected by law. But for the accomplishment of their grand plan to wipe out Biafrans from the surface of the earth as revealed by Alaba Ajibola of Babcock university recently, Buhari led federal government can go to any lengths including violation of UN law in other to accomplish their grand plans and British government will protect them.

The plan to wipe out Biafrans from the surface of the earth has been in place since 70s hence the north and south west has been working closely and tirelessly to accomplish this plan. So Alaba Ajibola's recent statement is not accidental, it was well calculated and well planned. Right from 1967 the north has been colluding with the south west to annihilate the eastern region also known as Biafra, this government came to accomplish what they were not able to accomplished during the war. When ACN led Tinubu went into merger with CPC led Buhari in 2014, their primary objective was to sweep off President Jonathan and install Buhari the arch jihadists so as to wipe out Biafrans and take over their land as planned in 1967.

It is regrettable that the Igbo political leaders and Ohaneze Ndi-Igbo led Nnia Nwodo have sold their birth right for crumb that fall from their master's table. There is always protests in the north and south west, I have never seen in the history of Nigeria where women including pregnant ones and aged were arrested and detained even denied bail. This is clear evidence against Nigerian government that there is a grand plan to wipe out Biafrans from the surface of the mother earth. This is height of injustice which must be resisted. If it were in the north or south west heaven would have let loose as the elders of these two regions would have resisted the idea.

But Biafra political leaders have pinched tent with their enemies to kill their own children for political gains, so we are putting it before the world that the occupational Nigerian government is pushing Biafrans so hard to the wall, our youths are running out of patient and we may be forced to activate the doctrine of self-defence, we can no longer continue watching occupational Nigerian government killing our youths and molesting our women without provocation on daily basis. It is within our right as indigenous people to defend ourselves, so the world should blame President Buhari and his murderous government if the people begin to act otherwise.

So, we are calling upon well-meaning citizens and world bodies such as ECOWAS, AU, EU, UN and also the leaders of reputable governments such as president Donald J. Trump of united State of America, President Putin of Russia Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister of the state of Israel, etc to prevail on the occupational Nigerian government to release our mothers and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as soon as possible and give us date for Biafra referendum before it is too late.

As a peaceful movement we shall continue to encourage our youths to be patient as we wait for the date for our upcoming referendum even in the mist of provocation, we will remain resolute, formidable and focus as our freedom is nearer today than yesterday. our legal team is working very hard to make sure that justice is given to our mothers, those who collude with our enemies to kill us will soon regret their action, we will never forget. Every election in Biafra land must be boycotted and by so doing we must have repelled all these political bandits called leaders appropriately.


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restration Voice - TBRV

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