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Where I originate from, we maintain a family name as a surname. My kids will bear NWAGBO, and their own kids will maintain the same. That is our identity, that is the mark of our bloodline, it is the physical representation of the peculiar code in our family DNA.

For some, in the spirit of Ahamefula, bear the names of either their immediate father or grandfather. All are pretty fine according to peoples' customs. Though in MY OWN OPINION, if I am from the stock of those who give their names to their children as surnames, I won't give my child Alex as a surname but NWABUEZE, which is my tribal name. They can't have two English names as names, that is if I will even give any an English name.

As a Nsukka man from Enugu state, you know that Enugu has enough coal deposits, I mean larger than life deposits. If tomorrow there is an industrial revolution where the value of coal beats the value of gold, you can guess what Ndi Fulani, the owners of Nigeria will do. They will re-regionalize the cowry. The Igbo must not be in control of such massive natural resource. By then they will merge us with Benue state, then our greedy elders who want to only be the ones collecting the crumbs from Fulani people will deny ever being Igbo. They will cook up a story how one Benin man or Idoma man impregnated three women and boom! We became Ndi Enugu.

Let us assume that this type of juju works on Ndi Igbo for the second time, I cannot be bearing Igbo names and claim not to be an Igbo. If I really want to deny my Igbo genealogy, I will first of all change my name to Benin or Idoma names according to where my ‘efulefuism’ took me.

You cannot be Emeka Wachuku, Obinna Wike and say you are not Igbo, till you change your names to Osareme or Odemwinge, then I will really start taking you seriously.

Please note, let us assume I am married to an Akwa Ibom woman or any other tribe that isn't Igbo, my kids won't bear any names outside Igbo names. You and your people can give them whatever you want, in the spirit of intermarriage but my Igbo names should be the ones used for official identifications and daily usages.

A misplaced woke man will ask if all these, matter. Yes, they do, we must reduce the number of efulefuic insurgency in our tribe. We must leave something for the next generation because they are the hope of Africa, they will win and build mega cities and civilization with Igbo values and ingenuity. It is our duty to get them prepared by telling them who they are and not someone else being in charge of their anthropology.

All I have written here are my views. They are not laws neither were they written to subject any individual or race to ridicule.

Peace always.


Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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