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When there is internal wrangling and commotion in the family, the external adversary (who disguises himself as a peacemaker), benefits.

This piece is mainly for the benefit of those who have deliberately chosen to be the victims of British mischief, misinformation, and brainwash, by which they aim to keep us constantly at one another's throat, so that they can perpetually and effortlessly rape us (Biafrans) economically, and continue to cart away, and use our confiscated resources to sustain themselves economically, while giving the crumbs as compensation to their Fulani feudalistic gangsters (Nigeria government), who are the cloud under which they carry out their heinous crimes, including genocide, against Biafrans.

Have you ever wondered why the evil Britain will quickly and peacefully conduct their referendum to determine whether they will continue to be part of EU, and equally conduct a quick and peaceful referendum for the Scots to determine whether they will continue in the UK, but will stringently, strenuously, defiantly, and vehemently oppose the Biafra referendum?

Have you asked yourself why there is no issue of "minority" tribes in the north where there are over 220 ethnic groups? Have you wondered why the issue of "minorities" is not prominent in the west where there are over 20 tribes?

Now, how come that it is in Biafra, where there are ONLY DIALECTAL VARIATIONS, that they keep highlighting your "minority" status? Can you see the mischief, the misdeed, and the misinformation?

In terms of value system, in terms of culture, world view, traditions, history, and appearance, can you tell any difference? But go to the north. You can easily tell one ethnic person from another, yet their "minority" status is never mentioned. Have you ever asked yourself why?

"Igbo will take our oil, Igbo will take our oil"!  Since 1900, when Shell came here and discovered oil, and had been exporting it covertly, (they only revealed it in 1956, when they were scheming to use the barbarians to continue the exploitation), who has been taking the oil?

If we even talk about the so called oil, how many people can confidently tell the colour of the oil, by reason of having seen the oil for once? How many people are employed as a result of the fact that oil is in their place? How many people are on scholarship because of the fact that they have oil? How many people own, or are living in government built houses because of the oil coming from their place? How many people are supported by their government in their SMEs because of the oil they have? How many oil related industries and factories are there in your place because of the oil in your place?

As a region whose resources are the mainstay of Nigeria, in terms of revenue, how many of your people are in the army, navy, air force, police, customs, immigration, NSCDC, prisons, DSS, or even ordinary yellow fever?

What is the reward you get for your so called oil? Mindless, criminal, and deliberate environmental degradation and outright. pollution, Deliberate denial of employment in the oil industry, as well as every other government establishment. Deliberate refusal to sight a functional refinery in your region, instead, refinery can be sighted in desert Katsina and Kaduna that have nether oil nor population.
Invasion by the Fulani feudalistic militia (Nigeria government jihadists) of your communities, to wipe you out, possess, occupy, and inherit your land. Intermittent air raids by Britain (using their Fulani feudalistic gangsters, the Nigeria government), demolishing communities, wiping out human beings with napalm chemical bombs, in the name of pursuing terrorists, and pirates.

All the existing and potential seaports in your region will not, and cannot function, but DRY PORTS will be established and made immediately functional in the DESERT Kaduna, Bauchi, and Birnin Kebbi.

None of the so called airports in your region, where there is a very high density of both local and international air travellers, will be functioning, but in all the places in the desert north, where there are no travellers except during the YEARLY hajj, they all have international airports, built with the money from your so called oil.

Now, who told you that the Igbo they are inciting you against does not have OIL AND GAS?
Are you not aware that the Ohaji-Egbema that has the highest gas deposit in Africa is PURELY AND TOTALLY IGBO LAND, with parts of it being in Imo, Rivers, and Delta states respectively?
Are you not aware that much of Rivers is Igbo land? Are you not aware that much of Delta is Igbo land? Don't you not know that Imo and Abịa are presently among the oil producing states?
Do you need to be told that the OIL AND GAS in Anambra, which has not yet begun to be tapped, is more than what so many countries that answer oil producing nations have?

Do you even know of all the other numerous minerals elsewhere that have not begun to be tapped?
But, at least, you know of the coal in Enugwu, right? Do you know that the coal in Enugwu axis can supply electricity to the whole of West Africa for one hundred uninterrupted years uninterruptedly?
Don't you know the economic Implication?

Now, does somebody need to tell you that the greatest resource on earth is the very resource protected by the skull? It is called the brain. The world knows that God prodigiously gave this mental resource to the Biafrans, especially, the Igbo. (No boasting here, nor apologies).

Do you think that with all the British anti Igbo policies, distilled and disseminated through their terroristic proxy, the Fulani feudalistic gangsters (Nigeria government), the Igbo is still able to EXCEL, that it is when they are in charge of their affairs that they will slack?

Meanwhile, are you aware that shortly, by reason of the modern technological advancement, the so called OIL will pale into insignificance, irrelevance, if not complete and outright uselessness?
This is even more reason why all the people of Biafra will synergize so as to complement one another, not minding the age long British mischief of DIVIDE AND RULE.

God bless Ikemba Nnewi, Odumegwu Ojukwu.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless Biafra and Biafrans.

Come quickly Oh Biafra!


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu 
(Writer at TBRV)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice

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