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A nation is characterized by people with a sense of belonging, as a result of common culture, origin; attitude and belief system. A nation is recognized by the homogeneity of its people, who share similarities under any condition that presents itself. It is bound in unity and peace born out from within not by external force.

This is contrary to what is presented about Nigeria, of which the unity is said to be non-negotiable. The fact remains that there is no element of nationhood and unity existing in the geographical entity known as Nigeria.

What’s obtainable and prevalent in Nigeria is unity by coercion, a situation where the people are forced to accept living together, opposition to which amounts to incarceration, humiliation, torture and death. Ethnic groups strive for their individual interests with little or no consideration of the interest of others. Individuals and groups fight along tribal lines, having no feeling of human sympathy when mishap befalls the other especially when it is unconnected to religion.

 Had Nigeria been a nation or consensually united, phrases and statement like "One Nigeria", 'Nigeria [our] country", "Non-negotiable Unity"; and, "We have no other country we can call our own" and the inglorious "No victor no vanquished", wouldn't have had their place in the Nigerian lexicon today. All these are futile attempts to blend the incompatible divergent ethnic groups constituting the so-called Nigerian nation.

It's very sad that while Nigeria has failed as a state to blend together, and to forge ahead as a nation for more than a century now, due to its false foundation and lies   employed to cover it up, many are happy and busy supporting its continuity.

 It is inhuman and tyrannical that people who never consented before coalescing them together and don't have coalescent properties are overshadowed with the diversionary mantra of getting PVC and voting the right candidate, by political, religious, and community leaders, each time the issue of renegotiation of unity of the country Nigeria is raised, as though the life of the people depends on unity of the country.

Is it abominable, or perhaps immoral, to sit down together and reach a consensus for unity or have a referendum to separate peacefully?

 What is it that we are we enjoying now that we cannot enjoy when we separate peacefully, or even violently?

 By the silence and action of leaders in Biafraland, Biafrans are defeated people and slaves, who should accept their fate and ordeal with gratitude than risk being wiped out.

Some religious leaders have digressed from their ecclesiastical calls to preaching dogmatic heresy, propagating that failure to get PVC and voting in the Nigerian fraudulent charade called elections is a sin which must be avoided.

They don’t care about our plight in the country but only care to support one candidate or the other who must have rubbed their palms with brown envelopes.
It beats my imagination how they got to this level of decadence, defeatism and rascality. How can we explain and defend that it's not out of cowardice and defeatism that no political, religious and community leader could challenge the arrogant, provoking and enslaving phrase, “settled and non-negotiable unity" of Nigeria, or support and allow the people to press harder for their freedom than discouraging them physically and spiritually?

Nonetheless, this generation of Biafra must restore Biafra. It doesn't matter how many high-profile politicians and "men of God" are in support of the struggle because Biafrans don't deserve the inhuman treatment meted on us on daily basis.

In as much as we are justly asking for our freedom and never thought evil against others, Biafra must come at due time sooner than expected. When it comes it will expose all hypocrisy and cowardice since the antagonists will no longer have any room to maintain their love for unity and oneness of Nigeria.

Written by:
Pete Osinachi
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV.

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu.
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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