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In 1945 in Jos, you killed our parents, we didn't retaliate.

1953 in Kano, you killed our fathers, we forgave you.

1966, you conspired with other people and killed our brothers in the military, we buried them and moved ahead.

1967/70, You massacred our kinsmen in millions, because they asked for our freedom, you left us in tears.

You have been killing our siblings since creation of this evil union, we asked for a divorce and got killed.

You chose to kill us and our generations instead of accepting our divorce offer.

You locked and incarcerated IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU for about two years for asking for a peaceful separation, we cried and you set him off the hook, but Hooked him with dangerous devices.
He tried to pull off from the dangerous hook, your Python invaded his home and many died.

We protested and you left us walking with terrorist TAG hunged on our neck.

What have we done to deserve deaths in return?

Our ingenuity is our offence.
Our skills are the reason you hated us.
Our Gods given talents is the reason you want us eliminated.

In Biafra, Africa died.
But in Biafra, Africa will rise again.
Is this the reason you want us destroyed?

You hated us simply because we want to compete with those you see as your eternal masters in science and technology

You collaborated with Britain, the satanic predators that want the light in us to be extinguished.
Feeding and developing you are the reasons you kill us at will.

You deliberately abducted our leader Mazi Nnamdi KANU who wants us freed from this satanic enclave.

Our mothers asked for his whereabouts, you shot at them, injured many, took them to court and remanded them unjustly in prison yard.

Our surviving mothers wanted you to bring the dead body of their loved son for befitting burial, you abducted and threw them into prison.

We brought food for them and you denied us access, you arrogantly boasted that you would make sure they died by hunger and starvation before us.

You watched us go back home in tears, leaving our mothers under your wickedness and brutal tortures.

Only but one day, their two weeks old child crying at home, while their mothers were rotting in jail, will remind you of all your atrocities from 1945 till date.

We are going to come back and remind you that all the deaths you brought upon us since 1945 till date are not forgotten.
And we will never forget how you cut and shattered our future and destinies, and left them in ruins.

We shall be free to appease our people you have been killing since time immemorial till date.

Only but one day.

The anger is pilling, and revolution is gearing up.

We just want to tell you that ONLY BUT ONE DAY, Biafra shall be restored back to glory in LIFE, and our happiness shall know no bounds.

Biafra shall rise never to fall again.


By Udechukwu Anichebe Emetoh
(Writer at TBRV)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice.

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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