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We are obliged to learn as humans from history and also from the daily events. The Nigerian government have been toying with our conscience, intellects and patience towards our divine struggle, with British government backing them in toto.

Starting from the time Nnamdi Kanu was arrested by the murderous Nigeria DSS till date, we have been witnessing the unseriousness of the Nigerian government towards our demand for a Biafra referendum.

On August last year the Arewa Consultative Forum leader, Yerima Shettima publicly stated it that "He will take/bring the war to the door step of Nnamdi Kanu". And from the time he voiced it out we have been witnessing many atrocities in our land. Starting from the Ozubulu Massacre down to the Python Dance 2 exercise which saw our leader got missing ever since then. What on earth have we done to witness such an inhuman act on our peaceful people.

The Python Dance 2 exercise was targeted on Mazi Kanu and his people, the IPOBIANS, and behold it was achieved. The murderous Nigerian army got to Ibeku Afara-Ukwu to carried out their wicked act they tagged Python Dance, which saw our youths numbering not less than 300 dead, with Nnamdi Kanu and his parents kidnapped and missing till date by these same murderous army. The British government has a hand in it because their silence speaks volumes. Never in history has British leave their own behind but because they knew that Nnamdi Kanu was challenging their supremacy on the Nigeria system, that is why they kept silent after asking Nigeria once concerning the whereabout of Nnamdi Kanu. The Nigerian army on their own part are denying their acts when there are clear evidences of their actions in the house of IPOB leader.

For the records, the Nigerian army was termed one of the best land army in the world, so it will be like a hide and seek game if they deny to have missed their target. Nnamdi Kanu was last seen on 13th September 2017, then since 14th he has been spirited away by the army who invaded his house killing not less than 25 IPOBIANS including his pet dog.

Let us put the record straight and know who is holding Kanu and his parents. The Nigerian Army, after the invasion denied that they didn't even invade his house. But at some point, they accepted the truth that they went there and killed people but Nnamdi Kanu and his parents were not in their custody. We all know that Half-truth is no Truth at all. So, they are obliged to tell the world the truth or risk the coming of the Dooms Day. If they claimed that Nnamdi Kanu ran away, how did he manage to run when his compound and vicinity was surrounded completely by Nigerian army?  Why should they shoot at unarmed civilians? These are questions demanding answers and Biafrans are patiently waiting for the answer.

Let the Nigerian government stop these "Hide and seek" game they are playing with us (Biafrans), and tell us the truth for our patience cannot continue to endure by their silence towards our plight. The upcoming Referendum is a must whether they like it or not, for it is better to Die in the gate of Freedom than to serve in the Land of slavery.

A Viking once said "Kill me and throw me down in the middle of the sea, and bury me there than for me to reach the land of slavery".

Biafrans have chosen freedom and that we shall get through the power of Chukwuokike Abiama.

Let it be in our mind that "Election is for Nigerians while Referendum is for Biafrans".


Written by:
Okpara Louis Okpara Louis
(TBRV Writer)
Edited by: 
Precious Diala Sparrow
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

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