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JARED ANGIRA, a native of Kenya, in his poem titled "Expelled “exposed how Britain cum Europe invaded Africa and took everything from us.

In stanza 1 of the poem, he said "We had traded in this market competitively perfect, till you came in the boat and polished goodwill - approved from all paper differentials, denied flag-bearers".  In the quoted stanza above, you can see that Africa was peaceful and our market traded competitively perfect before they (Britain) arrived in boats and polished goodwill to colonise us.
They painted their intentions so perfectly, that only the discerning in heart could dictate their true mission. Africa was peaceful and our morals cum social values were so high. Fishing, hunting, farming and etc were our businesses and we traded competitively perfect.

British came and destroyed our culture and planted their own. Now, the centre can no longer hold. What used to bind us together as a people have been considered anachronistic/barbaric, because of their well-planned indoctrination. Oh yes! We left our local foods that make us live longer and embraced their chemicalised food (tears). We left our way of dressing and embraced theirs. Today we wear suit under the sun and still smile like nothing is happening. Everything that came from Europe we considered superb, perfect, and heavenly, yet they are very far from God and are kith and kin to the devil.

Even the pictures of Jesus and Mary were all painted and drawn with white men's faces and we happily hung and worship them in public and in our closet. We didn't complain. A deliberate attempt to obsolete our way of life and elect their supremacy over us. Are you not thinking with me?  We have also embraced white wedding against our traditional wedding and I wonder what we shall pass to the next generation as our culture and identity. I now ask, what is the difference between the two?  Have you ever looked up the two words in a dictionary?  If you have, what are your findings?  For God sake, white wedding is meant for the white men even as the name suggests, while traditional wedding is for us (Biafrans). This is our identity, our culture and our life. We must preserve it.  Any man who does both traditional wedding and white wedding is obviously not educated (I'm a victim here).

Angira further portrayed the sufferings and after effects of what the colonial masters did to Africa, especially Nigeria and the people of Biafra. They have divided us deeply and struck the things that bind us. We lost our hunting, fishing, blacksmith and farming businesses.
Our moon light stories are gone. Our traditional wedding cum our cultures are now things of the past because the white men came to Africa. The white men have no good intentions for Africa, it doesn't matter what they make us believe.

In the above quoted poem, we saw that they received approval from high order all paper differentials. We are the cause of our problems. They came in through Proxy (The warrant chiefs and priests)  and ruled the greatest minds in Africa (Biafrans).  We opened the door for them and we can still close it, if we are ready to right our wrongs.

They have again started to invade Biafrans through Ohanaeze Ndigbo and South East governors who connived with the North and West to bring Operation Python Dance to kill their own people.

Now to Restructuring campaigners and one Nigerianists, what makes you think that the Nigeria created by the white men is for your own good?  Think about it!

Biafra is the only hope we have today in Africa and Britain are privy to this truth hence they are doing anything possible to stop her from being restored. Biafra restoration will collapse Britain forever.

Let's restore Biafra now, it is all we have got.

God bless Nnamdi KANU!


Written by:
Liberty Donatus Arum
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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