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Are you surprised that soldiers of justice (SOJ) who claim to be a pro Biafran group fight Nnamdi KANU and IPOB more than they demand the sovereign state of Biafra?

Are you surprised that the police and army protect those who steal trillions with the pen but shoot and incarcerate he who stole tomtom candy from a retailer's kiosk?

Are you surprised that Nigerians want good governance with a military constitution? Are you surprised that the suffering masses need a Saviour whom they will still kill with their own hands?

Are you surprised that Osinbajo and many SANs are now telling us that we don't need restructuring meanwhile they sued the then PDP government to court for practicing a faulty federalism with a military constitution?

Are you surprised that Fani-Kayode and his PDP cohorts no longer preach restructuring because of those who defected to their part? it is evident enough that they hold the aces in the forthcoming 2019 presidential elections.

Russell Bluejack was at first a PDP social media writer, he felt cheated over a money sharing formula, he became disgruntled and became a Biafran activist with an eye to extortion and fraud. He could not succeed. Are you surprised that he is now a member of radio Biafra international RBl, the pseudo Nigerian radio Biafra created by the Fulani government via Orji Uzo Kalu to fight IPOB and her radio Biafra London, RBL. Will you be surprised if Bluejack don't last a quarter of a year there? Yes, I will be surprised because money is his aim and elections are around the corner. You know he loves consultation fees.

Ndi PDP hated Saraki and his legion of defectors in 2015 then became friends with them in 2018. Are you surprised that that friendship has nothing to do with the people but party aggrandisement?

Are you surprised that Ohanaeze's restructuring calls were a hullabaloo? How about handshake across the Niger, are you surprised that it was just a social gathering?

Are you surprised that IPOB hasn't sold out yet? They said that KANU ran away with people's contributions, then I ask, which one could have been easier? The oil wells and humongous amount in hard currency promised by the government or the little people contributed for this cause? I so much trust the IPOB, that is why I can always write and brag without fear of being disappointed tomorrow. IPOB is really hated because they have no price. In Nigeria, everyone and everything has a price.

So, keep up and make sure you are counted among the upright ones. Continue to be a person of integrity, I mean the real integrity and not Buhari's integrity. We are in the right course, don't shudder don't bother, we shall overcome.


Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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