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The question should be, what does the Igbo want?

I could have said presidency, but it benefits the president and his immediate family. I could have said restructuring, but the onus is not on us to get that for the country.

Maybe and just maybe what the Igbo wants is REFERENDUM! You can wear an expensive multi-coloured ịsị-agụ, imported from Europe, the ịsị-agụ can even be collection of animated roaring lions, it does not suffice as a good object of tokenism. You can adorn your head with a red cap that bleeds blood or a necklace or "akaa" worn by the first Igbo progenitor, nothing tilts the people from a referendum.

Please note, telling or promising us a referendum if you are voted in still does not mean that we have accepted. We just want you to recognize us and that's all. We still won't vote.

If you are a Nigerian, and you want to vote, this is the time to demand what might never come, just do it for the sake of it, after all someone promised to make a naira equal with the dollar. Are they all not campaign promises? You can demand for the amendment of the constitution from the military constitution to the people's constitution. You can use it as a token to renegotiate this quack federalism. All these must be before the election. I have not seen any retailer who gives you expensive goods without deposit or full payment.

Wearing Isi Agụ means nothing, after all Jubril "alchemized" to Okechukwu, who still killed our people and called us Ndi 5%. We look beyond the gimmick. “Una dey find people wey una go use quarrel under one Nigeria then after election, una go use us settle. We no gree, make una do una thing.”  I am yet to see them adorn the Yoruba indigenous attires.

“Make una continue, atink latter una go talk sey na Igbo people cause am, abi?”

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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