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In 2009, one of my friends was opportune to have goods for clearance at Tincan Wharf, Lagos Nigeria.

Having known the landmines, the hurdles, and the bottlenecks that are deliberately and mischievously placed on the path of Biafrans, with regards to clearing their goods from Nigerian ports, (sea and air), he managed to pay the duties for the consignment even before the arrival of the goods, so as to avoid demurrage.

Having satisfied himself that he had fulfilled all the conditions necessary for painlessly receiving his goods, he went home, assured that there was nothing to worry about anymore.

But to his utter consternation and bewilderment, he was sleeping one day when he got a call from his clearing agent who demanded additional N300K to enable him load the goods after some weeks of the goods arrival at the Wharf.

Out of anger, my friend rushed to Tincan, exuding confidence about the "impossibility" of the awkward demand, having fully paid for the duties upfront.

As my friend went to one of the offices to seek explanation for the additional 300k, which arose from government's inability to settle its dispute with its agencies like SON, NAFDAC, etc, the arrogant, hate-filled, and envious Almajiri customs man, who from every indication, was a quota system product, said with finality, that if he didn't want to pay, the goods would be transferred to seizure.

In one of the offices I entered to demand an explanation on why the additional N300K.
My friend had no choice, but to cough out the 300k.

At the exit gate, my friend met another set of Almajiri quota system certificateless customs men, who demanded another 500k, with every kind of ruthless fury, threat, fabricated accusation, and venom. They delayed the goods for close to another week, at the end of which they extorted 1.2 million Naira from him.

This scenario completely contrasts with that of Benin Republic, our neighbouring country.
As a foreigner, when your goods enter their wharf, immediately you pay your duties, you must carry your goods same day, or latest, next day, without any stories, as elaborated above. Any circumstances that may cause any delay does not, in any way, concern the importer.

All these inefficiencies are deliberately created to facilitate easy exploitation, extortion, and defrauding of Biafrans, who constitute the vast majority of the utilizers of the port facilities.
No wonder over 90% of Nigeria customs men are quota system Almajiris, who out of envy and parasitism, attempt to drain your business profits.

These Almajiris not only try to drain or siphon your profits through the instrumentality of government, they also try to make you bankrupt so as to whittle your economic influence, and douse their own fears, which haunt them as a result of their barbaric savagery towards the Biafrans.

The Almajiris, (Northerners) have been indoctrinated into hating Biafrans perfectly to the point that even the Almajiri security man makes his boss the first target of elimination if occasion warrants. Such occasions may include as trivial as a cartoon of the paedophile Mohammed in far away Denmark, for which thousands of Biafrans can be killed in this fraudulently concocted contraption and criminal enterprise called Nigeria.

Now, the "crimes" of Mazi Nnamdi KANU.

He understood all these injustices on his people and he decided to expose and withstand them. He chose our freedom against his own freedom. He wanted us to live and operate as free men. He wanted our ingenuity to be unlocked, unleashed, and felt globally. He wanted the best in us to manifest. He wanted all the seaports in Biafra to be functional so as to harness their attendant economic benefits. He wanted all the major cities in Biafra to have airports, even if not international, at least, local, seeing that it is Biafrans that are the world recognized frequent travellers. He wanted Biafrans to compete with their Asian, European, and American scientific and technological counterparts and contemporaries, thereby removing the supremacist toga deceitfully worn by the western parasites.

Just recently, the Biafran girls from Onitsha Province of Biafra land, beat all their global counterparts in US to emerge winner of the Technovation competition they went for.
Of course, that is just a tip of the iceberg, in terms of who we are.

We excel amidst difficulties, we walk on top of nails, march upon scorpions and tigers, and come out successfully. In our DNA is progress, Love, Equity, and Justice.

Nnamdi KANU wanted that LIGHT Okike bestowed on us, which Britain, through Nigeria, has been trying to bury, and prevent from shinning, to shine glowingly. That's why Britain wants him dead at all cost. They want him out of the way so that they can perpetually keep us down in bondage and servitude. That's why we Should not be part and parcel of those confused lots who profess Biafra in the morning Nigeria at night.

It is on authoritative record that every true, genuine, full-fledged, and bona fide Biafran has resolved and concluded with finality that they have rejected Nigeria, spirit, body and soul and will never go back to evil kingdom of poverty, bloodshed, and backwardness which is Nigeria again; not in this life, nor in the next, nor even in death.

God bless Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu
God Bless Mazi Nnamdi KANU

All hail Biafra, The land of the Rising Sun.

Written by:
Udechukwu Anichebe Emetoh
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice.

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu.

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