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It has been almost fifty years since the British genocide against Biafrans (which they used their proxy, Nigeria, to commit against the Biafrans) was SUSPENDED.

Apart from the fact that the exploitative Britain murdered over six million Biafrans in the course of the genocide, there were also various shapes and sizes of various atrocities committed against Biafrans.

One of the most visible and indelible acts of tyranny and sadism meted upon Biafra was the confiscation of the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS) by Britain, which Britain retains up to this moment, in the name of the notorious SHELL OIL COMPANY. Another act of inhumanity by Britain upon Biafrans was the fact that the British, because they had targeted a total extermination and annihilation of Biafrans, implemented a program of forceful, (and sometimes violent) rape of our sisters and mothers so as to ensure the discontinuation of a totality of the pure Biafra blood in no distant time. Luckily for Biafrans, this evil scheme just succeeded in a very few and insignificant locations. The products of that dastardly scheme, as well as a few ignoble ignoramuses, whose mothers had something to do with the enclave of the Almajiris (Northern Nigeria), are what you see as the "detribalized" Biafrans, who, however, the Biafrans describe as Efulefus.

Ordinarily, these "detribalized" Biafrans would have made an introspection of themselves to see the great variance in their perception and comprehension, but because of the Almajiri blood in their veins, they have remained true to type... adamantly unteachable. They are the ones (who some Biafrans also describe as moronic zombies), who insist that the best thing that has happened to the planet earth since Adam is the concoction of the contraption and toxic cauldron (by the mercenary of the predatory Britain known as Lugard), called Nigeria. They even swear that they must retain that slavish identity which Nigeria signifies, to their graves.

Now, the questions for these our maternal cousins, who had the misfortune of being fathered by the Almajiris in the process of executing the satanic British agenda of annihilation;

What are you proud of in Nigeria?
Are you proud of a Nigeria that kills destinies?
Are you proud of a Nigeria that is the opposite of everything good?

Are you proud of a Nigeria that has existed over 104 years (since 1914 till date), yet, battling with less down 4,000 megawatts?

Are you proud of a Nigeria that has no good roads except death traps?
No electricity, yet you pay for blackout every month?
Are you proud of a Nigeria that has …?
·        No pipe borne Water?
·        No good schools?
·        No healthcare?
·        No hope for a meaningful life?
Are you not aware, that a proud Nigerian is a proud slave, laced with satanic failures?

Considering the circumstances of your conception and the physical and psychological trauma and brutality meted on you and your maternal kinsmen (whom you may be wrongly calling your brothers), it is expected that you should have stopped to ask yourself a few questions.
However, because of the Almajiri blood in your veins, which is rooted in feudalistic hedonism, you are incapable of sound, analytical, and probing reasoning.

You swore to stand with the toxic cauldron called Nigeria, right? Can you tell yourself the truth, by mentioning one single instance in which Nigeria has stood with/for you?
You stand firm with a Nigeria that made you a cab driver in UK.
·        A mortuary attendant in USA.
·        A road cleaner in Germany.
·        A corpse washer in Denmark.
·        A kidnapper in Lagos,
·        And Yahoo-Yahoo in Ibadan.

After graduating with best result in the university, you look for a surety to aid your purchase of a "Keke" or "Okada" on hire purchase basis. The girls are forced into official prostitution in the name of contract jobs with unrealistic and unrealizable targets. Some are forced to go and die in the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea. Some are compelled to commit suicide in the name of "selling their vital organs for survival". Is that the country you are proud of?

What have you benefited in Nigeria that makes you proud of the British inhumanity called Nigeria?
·        Is it free education, as in Canada?
·        Free healthcare, as in USA?
·        Free Wi-Fi and internet services, as in most of Asian countries?

Have you not known, that a proud Nigerian is a proud sophisticated moron, in a lifeless country with a lifeless president?
·        A place where humans are valued less than cows?
·        Where cows are respected, honoured, dignified, and placed above humans?
·        Where human beings are killed to mourn cows?
·        Where the presidency issues condolence press statement when one cow dies, but keeps mute when one thousand humans are killed by herdsmen to mourn one cow?
·        Where the presidency tells you that you either give your land to herdsmen or you die?
Are you too dumb not to have Known that Nigeria is a symbol of injustice, backwardness, hatred and inequality?

Have you not discovered, that most brilliant black people on earth are Biafrans, who are forced into indefinite exile to distant countries, through inhuman, nefarious and obnoxious policies, in order to subdue, suppress, and subvert all the talents God bestowed on them?

What could be your reason not to have known by now, that no sane person in a sane society, is proud of a country structured to work upside down? Till now, are you still unaware, that Nigeria is anti-progress and a dream killer? Have you ever seen where humans love to shed innocent human blood just to sustain their cows, apart from Nigeria?

Are you still unaware, that a section of the country, where your mum comes from, is seen as subhuman? Are you still blind, not to know that even though your mother's kinsmen are the most intelligent black race on earth, yet, in Nigeria, some people prefer a cow to be their president, in order to keep you perpetually down, and deny you access to your destinies? Are you still proud of a Nigeria, where the minimum wage is N18,000 a month, and a bag of rice N22,000? Are you not ashamed to be called a Nigerian, where teachers are paid N15,000 a month, while the politicians collect millions in a month? Is that the country you want to belong to?

Seeing that an opportunity to make a choice between life and death, progress and stagnation, sanity and insanity, dignity and disdain has been provided for you, we counsel the "detribalized" Biafrans to choose the side of their mothers’ kinsmen, which is Biafra, because it holds every positive outlook in life, quite unlike Nigeria that is an evil entity that devours its inhabitants.

On a final note, we remind Biafrans of the imminent Biafra referendum, which is to determine whether or not a particular group or section will be part of Biafra (Biafra is already restored).
We suggest and urge all those that have an outlook of positivity to vote to belong to Biafra, which represents the unleashing of all the human ingenuity for incomparable well-being, upon the face of the earth.

God bless Ojukwu.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless Biafra

Written by:
Udechukwu Anichebe Emetoh
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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