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Great Comrades! We will forever adore you and your efforts. You all fought bravely, and your throes gave us the privilege to be the remnant in Biafra - the land of the rising sun, which the creator of the heaven and the earth gave you and your generation as a possession. Though the perilous affections of the enemy's gruesomeness have taken you away, but we are here to complete your mission and to attain the freedom which you had begun the quest for.

It is so painful that your own people Ohaneze Ndigbo, Five Southeast governors and some Abuja base politicians could not protect you all, instead they sold you out cheaply to our oppressors. All you wanted was for a chance to rewrite the wrongs done to you. But they brought the military all in the name of Operation Python Dance which led to your untimely deaths.

Your bravery and commitment shall never be in vain. I Victor Obinna Uzoaga, the entire media team of The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV, and billions of Biafrans worldwide; acknowledge all your strives and ultimate sacrifices. We acknowledge that you have laid down your lives for our survival. We acknowledge your efforts to secure our future, the future of Biafran generations to come and we acknowledge your downfall for the purpose of our own upliftment. With utmost regards; we honour and salute the bravery of all of you, esteemed comrades who died for the freedom of Biafra.

We feel the same pain that you had felt while trying to ensure that your rights and heritage, your children’s rights and heritage are secured. The bullets, humiliations, incarcerations and slaughter which were unleashed on your defenceless beings last year September 14th, 2017 will not only stimulate remembrance for you all on every 30th of May but through the same oath and ideology that we share, we must accomplish what was left for us by you.

Tears roll down our cheeks, they flow like a river, when we remember your death, when we remember how you were unjustly shot sporadically and how you fought for your lives. We recognize that you have handed down the baton to us and we must never let your death be in vain. Your departure was not your fault nor any act of God but rather, man's inhumanity against man. You only asked for the freedom. You were tired of this British forced union (Nigeria) and you needed an end to our slavery. You stood for what you believed in (Biafra) and you died for your people which proves that your love for us is exceedingly high.

Inasmuch as The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV) is concerned, because of your deaths and for our freedom, we will stop at nothing in making sure that Biafra is restored.

We miss you all our esteemed and faithful comrades. We will continue from where you stopped and neither incarceration nor the fear of the ultimate price will deter us from achieving our goal which is freedom of Biafra and this we assure you all.

Goodbye comrades, as we throng on to get the Biafra you died for. We remember you all!

All hail Biafra!


Written by:
Victor Obinna Uzoaga
[TBRV Writer/Reporter]
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Precious Diala
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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