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The total collapse of the contraption called Nigeria and the pressure from the constituent nations namely Arewa, Oduduwa and Biafra demanding for; total secession, or true federalism under one umbrella acronym called restructuring, or even maintaining of the current status quo for favourable reasons, came from the fact that Nigeria is a company with administrative officers working for the company owners (colonial masters) and not the people, and also from the fact the old leaders who could not give the people leadership before as military Presidents are forcing themselves on the people as civilian Presidents. They orchestrate all kind of problems in the name of political issues, use it to syphon trillions of naira while the populace is left to languish in abject poverty amidst plenty. The people are kept mute by the boys of the generals who are either in Khaki or plane clothes. We all need freedom. Under Jonathan, the Elders and other representatives of the North who attended the Constitutional Conference (CONFAB), walked away from the conference because resource control and petroleum industry bill were mentioned. The Oduduwa people kicked when the Easterners asked for a special commission to address the issue of lack of development and presence of Federal government in the East. Today we have the North West Development Commission gulping over two trillion in the first year of inception while NDDC Management for Biafrans crawls to beg for Tens of Billions and are compelled to give contracts to Fulanis who sell it back to Biafrans for execution.

Political leadership cannot be given freely to our sons and daughters. Our companies are closed and presently even the international oil companies operating in our land claim they are stifled and starved of cash, hence no activities, opportunities, contracts and employment in the last four years. The promises to the Niger Delta Freedom fighters are reneged. Our ports, even the ones they reopened after long abandonment for many years are again presently forsaken due to dual taxation regime in the same country. In Nigeria there is different legal system in the same country; different economy for the same country, different criminal justice system in the same country, lack of development, and lack of federal government presence in all Biafra land. Killing and massacring of Biafrans in different part of Biafra land and within Nigeria accounting to over 10 million Biafran deaths as at 2016, counting from 1945 and still counting in Operation Python Dance III. Killing of Biafrans in the most inhuman way; genocidal strategies against Biafrans, creating environmental pollution in Biafra and ensuring that we are not allowed to be shareholders and stakeholders either as contractors or employees of the oil companies operating in our own land has been the Nigeria government way to destroy everything about Biafra.

We are harassed daily by EFCC, DSS, Army etc. of the Fulanis. The worst is that our commercial traders, shops and markets are destroyed daily by stooges representing the Fulani government of Nigeria within and outside Biafra land. When our market women and men cry out in frustration against the evil mete on them by the government of Lagos, they are carried in truck, labelled as mad men and women and tipped out like sand at Niger Bridge head, away from Lagos. A city mostly built by the resources from Biafra land. Same is the fate of Biafrans across the North where shops belonging to Biafrans are looted and ransacked and Biafrans killed as bush games with the military or police providing cover for the vandals and killers. Abuja gulps more than one quarter of the capital budget of the Federal government, yet no Biafran is allowed a Contract in Abuja, but that city private and commercial life is been run by the ingenuity and resources of Biafrans. Oil wells are shared and we are not allowed to own any. They sink and burn Biafran vessels in the high sea and call it criminal vessels while their illegal vessels are watched by the Fulani Soldiers and Navy as they berth away our crude oil illegally.
The attempt to force Islam on us or to impoverish us using pseudo means be it political, economic, religious or social means can no longer be tolerated by Biafrans hence the need for Restoration of Biafra now.

 I earlier mentioned that in Nigeria (the zoo) there are two people, Biafra and others (Arewa and Oduduwa). What pertains to the latter two is deprived of one group. I told us that there is dual taxation regime in the same country. Different legal system in the same country. Different economy for the same country. Different Criminal Justice System in the same country. I will like to bring to the world knowledge that the income of each regions for the past four years has not been released into public knowledge, hence, what you have is cosmetic or artificial recession. The Treasury Single Account houses all of Nigeria income while borrowing spree continues unabated from different Islamic sources and international monetary fund IMF/World Bank. No wonder David Cameroon said Nigeria should never come to the European Union to ask for any financial assistance in the name of Recession as Nigeria considering the amount of money stash in her foreign reserve should be assisting other nations in Africa and beyond. No matter how low oil price has been in the last few years, Nigeria cannot and cannot be broke since "it" is an oil producing and exporting country (member of OPEC).

The Northern Oligarchy forced this lie on Jonathan in his re-election bid, so that they will push him out of office. He is a world Leader today. Great men do not need two terms to showcase their Leadership and managerial skills e.g. Nelson Mandela of South Africa. No wonder this great icon even sought a bill for a one term of five years but was turned down too. He was the only President from Biafra Land since the semi democracy run by military decree called constitution started in 1999. He only got there through divine providence as the Vice President to late President Yar’Adua.

Ken Saro Wiwa asked for a State with self-determination and the powers for resource control for his Ogoni people, he was charged with treasonable felony, imprisoned, tried by a kangaroo Court, hung, acid bathed and burnt to ashes before burial. Ken Saro Wiwa many Igbos feel he was against Biafra. He fought for Biafra for 2 years and waited for agreement he drafted to be signed by Ojukwu but when he could not get it in the third year, he conceded to the Nigerian Army who gave him some concessions, had an agreement and was given Rivers State, in which he became the first Commissioner of Education after successfully manning the Bonny River Terminal which was and is still the most lucrative Port in Africa as at today while Diette Spiff was made the Governor. This duo like orphans separated from their parents before weaning, found a new life though difficult and gave leadership to their people with records that our generation is still struggling to beat. I am happy that Ken and Ojukwu started life together in Umuahia High School as friends and they reconciled when Ojukwu visited him in prison before Ken was sent to the gallows.

Ojukwu cried profusely for his friend and told him how he has earlier advised him to be wary of the Fulanis, even though they were his in laws. Even the Wicked Abacha shed crocodile tears for Ken but could not resist to implement the desire of the Fulanis in and outside Nigeria which was "Kill Ken or we shall kill you". Today they are all dead. Life is transient. As Christians we should not be afraid of death. My father was a friend of Kenule Saro Wiwa from childhood till death. Ken composed the Ogoni National Anthem in my House on Saturday just before, my father took him to Ven. Sam S. B. Ntor in preparation of the Ogoni Day dedication of 1993 at St. Peter’s Anglican Pro Cathedral, Yeghe. Do not forget that Ken was brought up in Yeghe and so many other great Ogoni leaders of today. Most of them lived in my Grandfather's house and were tutored and mentored by him and his sons including my father. So, I was a young witness to most of these issues. I have seen these men laugh and cry. I know their true motives. They wanted freedom for their people. 

They take away dollars earned from the sales of crude oil, stash it in Alhaji houses called Micro finance, or Islamic Banks, or even Bureau de change, and give it out as exchange at N100-N150 to a dollar ($1) to backdated applications from ageless applicants sometimes toddlers from the North, while our people are compulsorily asked to pay for the difference as they are forced to pay N500 to acquire a dollar for business, travel purposes or before they can import any goods into the contraption called Nigeria. This must stop the day we have Biafra. Biafrans are taxed and taxed on everything we do, even hawking, they the Yoruba and Arewa are not taxed for anything. The worst case is with the International Oil Companies operating in Biafra, where letters from the Emirs will exonerate their contracts from taxation. This is the height of mischief.
Who is fooling who and who is a fool?

The Judicial system is laughable. You can predict the judgement of a court case based on the tribe of the suspect in any matter. Our Biafran Judges are attacked, humiliated and intimidated even on Sunday mornings as they plan to go to church.  The Fulani government of Nigeria will keep Armoured Tankers in court yards to intimidate sitting Judges while they fill the courtroom with Hausa Fulani Boko Haram Jihadists camouflaged as soldiers. The Nigerian government chase and rape Biafran Judges using EFCC if they refuse to give judgement in their favour. I am bewildered that a High Court Judge can look at the faces of armless Biafrans and call them terrorist. In all Biafrans are still the most educated, richest, wealthiest, most creative, most commercialized, most travelled, most enlightened despite the various strategic attacks on us and our land. My joy is that God is the only one that determines who we are and not Muslims and their Stooges in the East or South. The Fulani man can rape, maim and kill. When he is arrested, a soldier on uniform will bail him from the police station while the entire family of the deceased will be arrested and possibly killed for murder. In an open court session, a Muslim will tell a sitting Judge that he cannot be tried by the Nigerian Law, he will opt to be tried with Sharia Law. A law that is alien to us and forsaken in many Islamic countries of today due to its barbaric punishments and pronouncements. Excuse me! Why will Islamic Sharia law be accepted in Nigeria when even Turkey cannot accept it? Fulani you are a deception to even yourself. You pretend to be sober but drink beer in a kettle then turn around to cut the hand of the poor in your midst for doing the same act.


Rotational Presidency failed. Developmental promises failed. Ogoni Clean up failed. Bodo Bonny Road failed. East West Road failed. Ogoni State with Autonomy failed. Bori State Creation failed. Political inclusion of the East and Infrastructural Development failed. Resource Control failed. Tinapa Project failed. Export Free Zones failed. Promises to make a dollar to a naira failed. Free education failed. Refinery Projects Revamp failed. Employment failed etc. Now that all have failed and there is a Fake Buhari (Jubrin) killing our people, what do you expect? NIGERIA IS NOT COUNTRY BUT A COMPANY. Biafra is the way out and is going for good.


In Biafra every ethnic group is autonomous and enjoys 100% resource control. Each shall have their King, one representative particularly a Technocrat representing them at the Centre, one at the House of Lords and one at the House of Representatives. Each shall have a parliament in their domain with both political and economic independence and shall only relate with the centre for necessary ceremonies that brings other tribes together. Our Youths and Men shall be employed, become contractors and even shareholders of the oil companies that shall be chosen by the people to drill their oil or tap other resources from the ground where available. We shall have industries in all local native authority areas that fits into such environments based on available resources and proximity to raw material.

We shall invest our income on generating Agro based economy that will compete with USA. We shall have a welfare system in place that beat that of Kuwait. We shall have a Shipping Project Scheme that beats that of Singapore. We shall create enabling business thriving environment that produces world class billionaires that beats Aliko Dangote in every two years (Aliko Dangote became rich today because some Biafran competitors were shut down and licensed seized by the Fulani government of Nigeria). We shall ask for the reparation, compensation and remediation of our land from Britain and allied countries that subjugated our land and people into colonization and neo-colonization. Our leaders must be made accountable to their people and every single drop of crude oil from our land shall be automatically calculated and paid for. Our refineries will refine all we need and export only refined products to other countries. Our people will no longer be humiliated and criminalized before they get paid by Federal Government.

Our Freedom Fighters; the people they call ex-militants today, criminals yesterday or even terrorist tomorrow are going to be transformed into our military while maintaining their ranks and files. The Igbo will control the Army with 40 percent while the Akwa-Cross controls the Air force, The Ogoni and Ijaw will control the Navy. In all cases the remaining 60% will be shared on the basis of 30% each to create a balance. The Presidency shall be shared on a rotational basis starting with Ijaw while the other two produces Vice Presidents in a one tenure of five years. A place carved from Rivers, Abia and Akwa Ibom shall be the Capital. This City shall be more beautiful than Dubai

These are the expectations of Biafrans and there is no Nigeria of yesterday, today and tomorrow that can meet these expectations. So Arewa and Oduduwa if you like go together or separately, we are gone and there is no turning back. God told us not to turn back if not we will turn to a pillar of Salt. There will be no election in Biafra Land until there is Referendum! Fulani do not waste time trying to bribe us or make new promises as we are resolute and undaunted. We are not going to make the mistakes of our fathers. You cannot divide us again. We cannot fight ourselves again. You cannot kill us and think we shall change our mind out of fear. Let us go now. It is the only available option.

Great Biafrans stay calm, focused and remain whiter than white.
God bless Biafra Land!
God bless Biafrans all over the world!
God bless Israel and all those that bless us! God curse those who curse us in Jesus name!

All hail Biafra!!!

Written by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Edited By: 
Precious Diala Sparrow
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

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