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Law is the soul of every good country, without a well refined law no country will survive, that was why the world after the second world war resolved and agreed via Geneva conference of 1948 to return the world to its natural law which is democracy which in turn gave birth to self-determination. Long before the first and second world war, there were so much crisis in the world caused by colonialism thus the Europeans partitioned Africa, Asia, North & South America for colonization.

It was on this error that Nigeria was created, nurtured and built upon, although the colonial masters, the tyrannical, parasitic, sadistic Britain knew that the new country Nigeria they created would not work hence they conditioned it to exist for only 100 years as an experiment, having understood the impossibility of water mixing together with oil. And now, the hundred years has long expired since December 31st 2013 hence the Nigerian constitution ceased to exist since first of January 2014.

Looking at this contraption called Nigeria today, one will agree with me that the illegal country is functioning on illegality. This is the singular reason why nothing is functioning, absolutely nothing is working in Nigeria, the three arms of government are dead, Executive, Legislative and Judiciary are all dead. The security apparatus is also dead and not working too. Nigerian army has the highest records of extra-judicial killings in the world today, Nigerian police are the most corrupt and uneducated on earth. Nigerian custom service records the highest level of illegal extortion in the world. The economy is dead, educational system and health care in Nigeria are nothing to write home about; infrastructures and cultural values of the people are in coma, everything about Nigeria is dead. People sometimes wonders why all these are happening in Nigeria but the reason is not farfetched, it is because Nigeria has naturally and legally expired.

When a life span of a tree is over it dries up and gives way for other trees to germinate and grow. The experiment called Nigeria has expired hence must give way for new and viable nations to come up. The greediness of the so-called elites is the reason why Biafrans are still suffering till date, some of these morons are lawyers, engineers, medical doctors etc. Some of these politicians have occupied and still occupying an enviable position both in the past and the present government, such as Vice President, Senate president, ministers, Senators, governors, house of representative members etc. But they are there for their personal political gains. As a matter of fact, and urgency, Nigerian sovereignty seriously and urgently need to be reviewed for the interest of the general public in reference to the expiration of the amalgamation documents of 1914 which also recognised the rights of indigenous people, the right to leave the unholy union if any of them feels cheated and wishes to go after hundred years of untold hardship. So Nigerian government must respect the right of the indigenous people and allow Biafrans to go in peace other than applying force to subject them into remaining in the unworkable and unholy union, which is totally unacceptable to this generation of Biafrans.

Our resilience will always prove them wrong, they did not succeed in the operation python dance 1 & 2, how do they think they will succeed in the operation python dance 3. It is impossible. We are indomitable, fearless and formidable, we will resist their brute by our simple civil disobedience via sit at home. On 14th September, 2018, barely two days from today we are going to make history once again by deserting all the roads and streets of Biafra land as we observe the general strike, from Idoma land to Igala, from Bakassi peninsula to Igbanke and all the streets of Biafra land, we are going to register our displeasure against this occupational government of Nigeria and saboteurs in our mist. We will tell the world about the thousands of shallow graves scattered in the forest of Biafra land by the combined team of Nigerian forces in the guise of operation python dance 11 and the reason why we must be freed. Don't forget to pray for repose of the souls of our falling heroes and heroines as we observe the general strike.

Lastly, I want to remind you that it is within your right to stay at home on 14th September, 2018, in line with the self-determination struggle. It is called civil disobedience and it is part of our tools to drive home our demand for referendum. So, as we patiently wait for the official date of our referendum, I enjoin every Biafran more especially those in Biafra land to recognise and observe 14th September, 2018 general strike as this is the most acceptable and civilised way of sinking the zoo without a gun shot.

Udo diri unu.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless IPOB worldwide
God bless Biafra the land of the rising sun


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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