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Two young men who were trained by the church, saw the need to liberate their people. They were Hon. T. N. Paul Birabi and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe (Pan African Zik). They fought the cause through the political landscape that was available to them. They demanded for freedom from the British Colonialist. This fight for freedom by this duo lasted for over a decade but finally ended cosmetically in 1960 with a lot of twist. First Hon. T. N. Paul Birabi died in a questionable circumstance in 1953, seven (7) years before the independence. His sin was because he demanded that Ogoni and the rest of Biafra land should be given a separate Government from the rest of Nigeria or at worst a Resource controlled and self-determined state within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Willink Commission only tried to offer British centred concession instead of yielding the initial request of the people.

We noticed by research and with the present happenings that there was truly no independence for the contraption Nigeria. Other forces especially the Fulani led by Sir Tafawa Balewa (a Muslim and a British Knight -author of confusion) and Awolowo (a Tribalist) working for the British government decided to do the biddings of the Colonialist, created more confusion never experienced in history through the instrumentality of political and pressure groups sponsored by the Britons. They killed, maimed, raped and sack many communities between 1954 and 1963. Azikiwe who was amongst the pioneer freedom fighter was stylishly relegated to a ceremonial officer and President of the so-called united Nigeria while executive powers were left with Balewa who was a Fulani and a neo-colonial tool of the British imperial Government. You cannot protect what you did not labour for. These latter players destroyed what Birabi and Zik initially started and fought vigorously for.

Tafawa Balewa as a true Muslim, called on his people and traditional rulers; the Sultan of Sokoto and the Emirs of the Northern Nigeria and they started the education and development of their people though mostly Islamic Education. Awolowo called on the Olafin, Obas of Yoruba land and their people, they started the free education project. While Azikiwe was still thinking Pan Africa. Through the friendship between this duo and their people, Islam became pronounced in the North and West of Nigeria. Hence the Biafrans were seen as unbelievers and infidels that must be conquered. That quest which failed under Uthman Dan Fodio, failed and will continue to fail. They worked at it through commerce, politics and education but our people resorted to resisting it to the extent that communities had to contribute money to train their graduates while the Nigeria State funds from our oil palm business as at then was used to train the Northerners and Westerners. They lied that the income was coming from groundnut and Cocoa. Please what is stopping them from staying and developing their resources while we go to our free land of destiny - United State of Biafra? These efforts by the Biafrans yielded great result in addition to what we already had on ground. We had graduates from the 17th Centuries while the rest of Nigeria (North and West) started producing graduates in 18th centuries.

Before the 17th centuries, we had many Teachers who were trained by the Portuguese Missionaries even before the arrival of the British Missionaries in Coastal Biafra; presently Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Bayelsa. My grandfather was the foremost Teacher and Chief in Ogoniland. Chief Nkane Detenwa. His sons Chief Reuben Nkane and Chief Emmanuel Nkane all took to this their father’s noble profession as Educationists.

We had Ekwenga Trading post, equivalent of the present-day Gulf of Guinea, we had sixteen companies operating in over Sixteen (16) seaports at Ikot Abasi, Teenama, Kono, Opobo, Bonny, Port Harcourt, Nembe (Brass), Bodo, Okrika and many other Jetties and Beaches where goods could land directly from the Atlantic Ocean.

The British assisted the Northerners and Westerners who took away our wealth because the British saw that our people were as exposed and experienced as they were in international business, so they needed some nincompoops, newbies and ignoramus in business, hence they closed the Ekwenga trading post and moved to present day Lagos, a lagoon that is 200km away from the Atlantic Ocean, no wonder goods are expensive in Nigeria due to high cost of clearing at the Ports in Lagos. Let them tell the world what exactly they are doing in Lagos. Why did they return to Bonny when the need of exporting the crude became eminent to them? They took the Capital of Nigeria from Calabar to Lagos. Our people still were in Lagos at the time and quickly developed it to what it is today.

In religion, our people are tenaciously held to that of their fathers Abraham, the Portuguese re-emphasize it, the British had no option but to adopt it as the only way to penetrate our people after struggling for many years to use military might which failed woefully, Nigeria will never learn.

Islam believes in killing unbelievers. Biafrans are the unbelievers they see in Nigeria hence, they have been killing our people till date. We believe in God and do not kill but are at the mercy of killers. However, in the late 90s some of our Chiefs and Youths joined Islam and began to carry arms, e.g. Asari Dokubo. Hence the Militia and the Freedom fighters carried arms but you will notice they did not kill like the Fulanis but consciously reminded the world that the environment was polluted while the British Shell and allied companies look the other way and continue to drill our oil. President Yar’adua a different breed of Fulani highly supported by His dependable Ijaw born Vice President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan dialogued with them and ended a near war in 2007.

We want freedom, the Fulanis want virgins! They commit suicide and do anything including destroying of churches just to get virgins. We live a decent, educated and enlightened life waiting for the second coming of Christ or eminent death to go to a peaceful and beautiful heaven where we shall meet and be with our father Abraham and God forever. Our lives, culture, dressing, food, marriage, belief system, government, tradition, economy, judicial system etc are not and cannot be the same, yet the Brit called Lugard amalgamated us (forcefully put together) without a Referendum. This was the greatest mistake of the Colonialist. We are happy that their children are doing their best to correct the mistakes of their fathers. Many Britons are determined to end this nightmare called Nigeria. The Chief Judge of Britain just replied the Attorney General of Nigeria. Our God is good.

Islam is a problem of the world. They and their religion are terrorist by nature but they have always tried to call our own people names and kill them. They have over 11, 000 inmates in Port Harcourt Prison that should only take 804 inmates. The inmates die daily and are thrown away without proper burials. Court sessions are not held to dispense evenly civil cases. The military led by the Fulanis, Buratai & co go to court to intimidate Judges and the people on a daily basis. Boko Haram declared no education in the North and fight everything that resembles light or enlightenment. They hoist flag and take over government houses at state and local government levels. No Biafran can do that. It is not in our nature to be deviant or terrorists. An Anglican Bishop in Kaduna planned to dedicate a School built by the Church with over 16.5 million naira. That new Church school building was destroyed on the eve of that dedication. Nothing was said about the perpetrators, when we mounted pressure on the supposed educated Governor who is still controlled by the Spirit of Islam after attending a Christian School like Harvard University of America, Mallam El-Rufai only promised to rebuild the school and to give them additional 3 plots of land annexed to what they have as compensation.

He surrounded the church with Fulani soldiers for 3 weeks and that was the end. That lie has also expired. We are aware of what they are doing in the North to the Christians staying in their midst. We have decided that even though they are carrying two heads, four hands and four legs they cannot come here to continue to take our resources, use it to propagate their religion against our Christianity. They drill our oil with the British, send it to Arab countries, refine it and bring it back to sell the products (PMS, AGO, Jet A1, PSK) to us at the highest price ever in any OPEC country.

We are not fools and should not be taken for granted any more. We are intellectually more equipped for the fight for our freedom than the British and American Government can imagine. If America and Britain do not wade into this matter now that the first 10million of death has just been recorded in the killing of Black Jews in Biafra land. We shall have no other option than to ask the government of these two major world powers who are supposed to be Christian Countries to explain to their citizenry what romance they are having with the Islamic world such that Terrorist are on the streets of London and destroying lives and properties in New York and beyond. A marriage with Satan will only produce stealing, killing and destruction. We are aware and surprised that Churches are sold to Islamic agents who turn them to warehouse and after few years sell it to Church of Satan where paganism is entrenched, cultism is bred and the streets are further attacked by Killers looking for blood to feed the modern shrines.

The Need to Return to God
God assured us through many scriptures of the Bible that if we return to him, he will return to us. He promised to bring our sons and daughters from far North, South, East and West. He said to us that this Pharaoh we see today, we shall see them no more. He re-assured us that we shall not be ashamed again. He said though many are the afflictions of the righteous, he will deliver him from them all. He said he will prosper the works of our hands.

It is on record that we have severally allowed other religion especially Islam to move into our territory for economic reasons and promises which were partly fulfilled or not even kept at all. The ipso de facto of the matter is all around us and most predominantly in the Cities of Abakaliki, Owerri and Port Harcourt. Our people led by Alhaji Asari Dokubo must for urgent reasons denounce Islam even though some of them are using it as political or economical immunity as at today. We do not want any trace of Islam in our territory. The reason is not that we do not want freedom of religion in Biafra but the religion that is "inimical" to our existence cannot be allowed to grow and flourish not while it is obvious Muslims are killing our people, bombing down our churches and other properties in the North. Before the Civil war, if a man runs into the church, the British Army will stop chasing you for that day and continue looking for you the next day. For the Fulani Army they are more excited to aim the gun at you in the church and shoot more people than necessary in a pursuit of just one man that ate kola from an Almajiri hawker.

Biafrans say no to Operation Python Dance!
Biafrans support the restoration of the independence of Biafra and sovereignty!

Written by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice -TBRV

Edited by:
Precious Diala
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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