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The more of us, the less of them, that is the only way we can harness our ingenuity.

With America and criminal Britain dominating the world, the people of Israel and China do not even bother. This wonder called Israel was made possible by HISTORY, a well-chronicled history from their first ancestor and his God, to his culture and his conquests.

They all read it in scrolls passed from generations to generations. Despite these people having faced several existential annihilation attempts, they have still managed to hold on to their roots and values. They have severally been slaves in the ancient times BC. Few centuries ago, they had no home, no country but on as much as they were scattered all over the earth disjointed, they still held to their values and God. They still kept to their culture. Their God told them that they were special and they believed. That belief is the ingenuity in them that never dies.

The holocaust is a tale in second world War a.k.a. Adolf Hitler's inspired world War. It is a tale of the Jews being gruesomely subjected to a world record genocide by the hands of Hitler and his henchmen. When Hitler was an ordinary man, he always wondered why the Jews influenced economies and people's markets anywhere they dwelled. You know that their laws forbid many things ranging from food, wears and even philosophy, these made Hitler view them as arrogant apart from his belief that the Jews betrayed Germany in the first world War.

After the war, the Jews saw it necessary to go back home and build a country where they and their interests will be protected forever. So, in 14th May 1948 the Jewish state, which is the state of Israel was declared by David Ben-Gurion, the executive head of world Zionist movement. Their declaration of independence was written in Hebrew and not in French, English or German.

The same way Kanu and the rest of us who can through IPOB and other platforms tell our people the need for us to go back home and protect ourselves from external jihad and western influences.

For us to achieve this, we must tell our stories right, our genealogy must be well chronicled, even our sojourn as part of Nigeria must be properly covered. When David Ben-Gurion was mobilizing Israelites spread the world over about the need to go back home, many who were already business tycoons and parliamentarians in other countries never wanted to hear about that. They were mainly against it because of comfort zone. But at last, he achieved it and today, there can never be a holocaust again because Israel under a nation has become so powerful that no one dares them.

All these were made possible by a culture preservation through the ages and a generational refrain of being a special people. Whenever an Israeli gives birth and the child grows, they often tell the child how God has made them special from inception. This has nothing to do with tithe or fasting and praying, it has to do with self-belief. Their technology, science, agriculture, military and intelligence prowess were not achieved through midnight prayers. It was through hard work, through efforts by belief.

When we Ndigbo tell people how special we are, they get angry, they call it pride and expect us to stop saying it so that we won't appear proud, but we can't. We shall tell our children how special they are, how we refined crude ingeniously from local equipment, how we manufactured the Ogbunigwe and converted military SUVs to armoured tanks.

We will tell them our own gospels, the gospel of Achebe and Onuora, the gospel of Ekwensi and the words of Ojukwu. We shall put them in verses so that they know and read and have knowledge of the ideologies of their ancestors.

Chinualụmọgụ Achébé should be canonized as an Igbo Saint. Things fall apart was a gospel so deep.

Now, it amazes me how we should be more interested in reading the history of the Hebrews more than we care about ours. Some people will label me the devil but I wonder whom he is.

We must come back home both physically and psychologically, to protect ourselves from intruders, then build our heritage and then make our own exploits according to our values.


Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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