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You might want to ask, Victor what is the meaning of this post, are you Okay? Truth is, I am perfectly fine. Its high time we faced the obvious and stop hallucinating. Nnamdi Kanu came on board and killed Biafra and gave us another Biafra

Relax let me tell you why. Nnamdi Kanu as I learnt was once working together with Ralph Uwazuruike, as at that time, most of us weren't fully aware that an enslaved nation like Biafra existed. Even though you did hear about Biafra but truth is, you weren't properly informed about it. Most people here didn't even know what and what gave rise to Biafra creation, how the war was fought and also how No-Victor-No-Vanquish was declared. All we hear is our forefathers fought a war which led to the deaths of millions of Biafra mostly women and children.

Another raw truth is before now, 40% of us don't even know the authenticity of Dim Odimegwu Chukwuemeka Ojukwu. All we keep hearing is that he's the man that created Biafra. What and what he did to restore Biafra, we don't know. So, hearing that word Biafra, to most of us, Biafra is just a mere word or an illusion why because it wasn't weighty.

So that was the kind of Biafra that existed. Ralph Uwazuruike made a complete mess of Biafra movement. He ran the kind of Biafra where he runs to Aso rock and open his mouth to shout "Give me Biafra" the federal government of Nigeria will call him and say 'okay we have heard you, you want Biafra right? Oya take this N10m use it and feed your people first while we think over it". That was the kind of Biafra Uwazuruike was fighting for. When he screams I want Biafra, they pay him and he then close his mouth.

Nnamdi Kanu working with this man waited for him to achieve Biafra, but it felt as if the Biafra he's waiting for is hold up on a traffic, he felt as if Biafra is coming from Cotonou but the holdup couldn't allow her to arrive as quick as he expected. Kanu while all these was happening, he will run to Uwazuruike and ask Brother how long are we gonna wait till this Biafra comes? Ralph will tell him "Just hold on soon it will come" and Kanu will ask "How soon is the soon" Ralph will say "Soon my brother inugo chere nwa ntakiri (hold on a bit)”.

Nnamdi Kanu will say okay. But not that Uwazuruike's 'Okay" is okay to him (Kanu). Kanu seeing how lavishly Uwazuruike is living and how the entire Biafrans are lavishing in abject poverty, inadequate facilities, no roads, no electricity, poor education. Though Kanu had all that it takes to live a normal life because he was born into a royal home. But he was convinced that even though he can afford anything he desires, not all Biafrans can.

Nnamdi Kanu on the other hand, said even though Uwazuruike has become sloppy in restoring Biafra, what about the Five southeast governors, the Ohaneze Ndigbo and some top Biafran elites, what are they doing on their own path for the actualization of Biafra. He looked around but couldn't find any, so he determined to kill Biafra.

At that point, he made up his mind and say "This Biafra is not worth having, so I am going to kill it" He rose up and began his journey to end it. He bought his killing materials which includes (1) Undiluted Truth, (2) Radio Station (3) IPOB. These were his three killing tools. Immediately he went into action and began shooting sporadically. The bullet first hit Buhari, he told everyone Buhari's mission as an incoming president. In fact, Kanu went on rampage by killing everyone that contradicted Biafra struggle with nothing but the truth. He went for Southeast Governors, Ohaneze Ndigbo, Abuja Based Politicians.

It was then that it dawned on everyone South-Easterners and South-South that for long we have been living in the wrong kind of Biafra nation. We realised that there's another Biafra where our voices can be heard. Immediately everyone came back to his senses. We decided no more living in deniability, immediately we activated the real Biafra nation that today is the talk of everyone. Till date, Biafrans are lively more than before. Even our leaders are now scared of us. Power has finally left them and its now in our hands. All the governors, our elites and everyone that thought they had Biafra under lock and key realised that they locked the wrong house.

So, are you now convinced that Nnamdi Kanu killed Biafra and gave us Biafra? The Biafra that you are now proud of, the Biafra that people are jealous of, the Biafra that you can beat your chest and say "I will never apologise for being a Biafran?

What have to say to the man that gave you hope even when all hopes were lost? The man that showed you your true identity?

For me, all I have to say is I am totally grateful to him. God bless him million times over.


Written by:
Victor Obinna Uzoaga
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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