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We lament, with great pains in our heart, the very fact that our expectations have not just been dashed by our own kinsmen, but we are in great peril, even unto extermination, in the hands of our own kinsmen, who want to retain their slavish positions, for the pleasure of their slave masters.

When you came soliciting for our votes, we gladly obliged, hoping that as the unwritten agreement stipulates, that our vote for you would translate to our redemption and empowerment. But alas, our votes made you significant, and we deplorable, you stable comfortable, and we condemned to wretchedness, penury, and misery.

Our votes gave you maximum protection and safety, but turned around to make us objects of terroristic experiments, who are at the mercy of the jihadists in uniform and jihadists in plain clothes.

With our empowerment, you tortured us, stole our future, killed our destiny, sold us as slaves to Gambaris, labelled us as terrorists, proscribed us, called us miscreants, called us Jobless youths, called us toothless bulldogs, called us criminals, and called us all sorts of names. What gave you the platform to turn your arms against us? Simply because we made you a Governor/Senator.

Now, all your children are schooling overseas, your family receives Healthcare in US, UK, Germany, all because of our votes. Equally, you have the best houses in UK, UAE, US, and all over the world, because of our votes. As you swim in this affluence and ostentation, those of us that are lucky to be alive are extremely pauperised, made orphans, widows, and widowers.

The only employment opportunities you created for us are hawking, wheel barrow pushing, road sweepers, and mortuary attendants.

You made us drink muddy waters.
You made us to be called cocaine pushers. You made us to be called kidnappers.
You made us wander up and down in search of greener pastures.
You made us die like rats, wandering up and down. You made us uncomfortable because we made you and your families very comfortable with our votes.

Suddenly, because you still want your comfort to continue and want our discomfort to continue, you went to bishops, paid them millions to help you deceive us again. You have coated your tongues, applying new tactics in order to keep deceiving us to vote you again. It means you value our votes, but don't value our lives.

That's why you connived with our oppressors to slaughter us on 14th September, 2017. So, doing, you spat on our collective intelligence, you abused our votes that made you whom you are.

The memory of those you unjustly murdered eternally lives in our souls.
Their death pains us to our bone marrows. Their untimely departure hurts us more than you think. Therefore, we have decided to mourn them on the 14th of Sept, 2018. Because you are a wicked murderer, you don’t care or bother about those you gruesomely murdered. To you and your families, those you massacred are RATS and ANTS.
All what you want is our VOTES, not our Lives.

Election Boycott is our power and decision. Let your exploitative British and terroristic caliphate masters and accomplices in murder, stew in their pudding.

Apart from our SIT AT HOME ON 14TH OF SEPTEMBER, 2018, to mourn our kinsmen murdered by you and your collaborators, we have equally decided that we must boycott all elections in Biafra Land. Nothing can change our position on this.

Come quickly Oh Biafra!

Written by:
Udechukwu Anichebe Emetoh
(TBRV Writer)
For:  The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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