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The evil and exploitative tendencies of the predatory Britain did not start today.

Britain, has of old, been dependent on the resources of other nations, which they forcefully confiscate (seize), denying the owners of the resources the benefits of those resources, while "prospering" with the wealth of other nations, which they FORCEFULLY SEIZED, as in #Biafra.

The process of the seizure of these other nations’ wealth includes, (and is especially by) killing the owners of the resources directly by the Britain in massive numbers.
This is called genocide, as they did in Australia.

Another method Britain uses in killing the owners of resources is by hiding behind another set of people, pretending that it is those people that are killing the owners of the resources, whereas it is the evil Britain that is killing the owners of the resources through their carefully selected agents, as they did in Biafra.

It was this latter strategy that the parasitic Britain applied when they hid behind the barbaric Islamic Hausa Fulani of Nigeria to commit genocide against Biafra, in which Britain killed over 6m (six million) Biafrans, just to confiscate the Biafran wealth (OIL AND GAS) which Britain is still holding on to, up to the present moment.

Let nobody lose sight of the fact that while Britain was murdering over six million Biafrans in a genocide that was targeted to obliterate the name and people of Biafra from history books, Britain was using its evil media, the devil's mouthpiece called the BBC, to tell the world that what was happening between Nigeria and Biafra was a Civil War, in which Biafra was just being brought back to be part of Nigeria.
The predatory Britain devised this narrative to deliberately misinform, deceive, and mislead the world about the humongous genocide that they were committing against Biafrans, which remains unprecedented in the world, but for the Jewish holocaust.

It must not be forgotten that this Biafra wealth (OIL AND GAS) which Britain killed over 6m Biafrans to seize constitutes a very great percentage of the life wire of the British economy up to this present moment.

This is why you hear parasites like @PaulTArkwright, @theresa_may, and @Queen_UK telling you that they cannot allow any other exits in the commonwealth, or that they want to retain the territorial integrity of Nigeria. They only want to continue to use the facade of barbaric Hausa Fulani to cover the atrocities they are perpetuating in Biafra, in the name of one Nigeria.

Have you asked Britain why they don't insist on one Europe? Have you asked them why they allowed the Brexit and Scottish referenda? Have you asked Britain why they carved out English speaking Ambazonia, and ceded it to French speaking Cameroon, where they are presently facing exterminative genocide, as programmed by Britain? Has anybody cared to ask Britain why Britain ceded Bakassi to Cameroon, since they are so mindful of retaining or maintaining the territorial integrity of Nigeria?

Britain has recently shown that all that it deceived the world into believing about itself concerning their famed critical thinking is all a hoax. Britain has shown that it was only the benefit of the Industrial Revolution, which gave her the edge in terms of making more sophisticated arms and ammunitions, with which they invaded, killed, and appropriated the wealth and other meaningful resources of victim nations that appeared to give them a head-start.

That is why the export of arms, has up to today, remained the mainstay of the tyrannical, sadistic, and inhuman Britain.

Does anybody know that many of the so-called conflicts in Africa are instigated, sponsored, and sustained by Britain, either for one party to kill off the other so that Britain can acquire the resources of the killed party, (as it was in Biafra, and as it presently is in Ambazonia and South Sudan), or for the conflict to go on endlessly so that their arms export will continue to boom?
Did you not hear that British arms export rose by more than 53% recently? (check our Twitter handle @TBRVorg).

Now, has anybody cared to inquire how many of such conflicts Britain has solely or jointly proactively prevented? Of course, none. All Britain ever does is to ensure that troubles are planted in peaceful places so that conflicts can be ignited for them to sell their arms, without which their economy will collapse overnight, but for the confiscated Biafra wealth (OIL AND GAS).

Otherwise, what prevents Britain from supporting and implementing the Biafra referendum, which Biafrans have been calling for, over the years? Does a call for referendum, in any way, point to any form of violence? Can you not see the underlying British program of igniting violence between Biafra and Nigeria so that Britain can sell their arms once again?

Do you think that Britain is doing genuine business in Nigeria, and does not want to deal directly with Biafra? Of course, the fear of Britain has been that negotiating directly with BIAFRA, THE OWNERS OF THE OIL that has been sustaining Britain, will derobe Britain of certain undue advantages which they have been compelling their stooges, the Hausa Fulani to swallow. This fear has made Britain apprehensive in considering any direct discussion with Biafra.

But we Biafrans have told Britain that it is not OIL AND GAS that is our primary concern. Our concern is to be free to take, implement, and adjust or modify our decisions (policies) for the betterment of our world. Whatever oil concession Britain likes, let Britain demand. We will grant such fully. Biafrans are not hedonistic and parasitic as to depend on unearned income. Biafrans are not just hardworking, Biafrans love to work. This is the singular reason we are sure Biafra will tremendously prosper.

On the other hand, Biafrans must remember that our SIT AT HOME ON THE 14TH OF SEPTEMBER, 2018 remains non-negotiable. It is a day of mourning our kinsmen lost through the treachery of the saboteurs of Biafra land, moronically represented by Ọha Ndị A Na Eze (Ohaneze) led by Mohammed Abubakar Nurudeen Nwodo, and all the other scavengers who hover around the leprous Almajiris that represent the murderous Britain, for their vomit, which they call gratifications in the form of positions and contracts. Ensure that you and all the members of your family, (immediate and extended), both in Biafra land and in the diaspora observe this important day.


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu
(Writer at TBRV)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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