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Britain brought Christianity, Britain colonized Nigeria, Britain gave the Fulani power, Britain never says a thing when there is an Islamic massacre of Christians.

Is it a coincidence that whosoever wants to lead Nigeria, visits the archbishop of Canterbury? What has the Christian Britain done for the Christian Nigerian side? On second thought, I don't really blame them, what has the Christian bodies in Nigeria done as regards the persecution of Christians? Charity, they say begins in the home.

So, what have we benefited from our slave masters rechristened colonial masters if not agony and pain. When the incompetent and knowledge deficient Gowon agreed on the Aburi pact of regionalism by Ojukwu, who were the people who made him have a U-turn? Yes, you got it right, the British. They told them how Biafrans will develop more and be more in charge of their destinies. Do not forget, that this eventually led to the big genocide called civil war.

It didn't end there, the Christian Britain still partook of that war, in fact if not for them, the federal troops could have been completely decimated in the wee times of 1968.

World battles are fought with allies so also is liberation battles. It is hard and very difficult to fight in isolation, if not you will be eaten like cooked food. I must say it here with every ounce of sincerity in my heart that the Christian Britain has been a bigger part of our albatross more than any foreign nation. They subjugate us via the clueless Fulanis which in turn further subjugate us by their southern warrant officers called politicians and Ohaneze Ndị Igbo.

I am glad how Nnamdi Kanu tacitly and tactically referred to us as a Jewish state. That is sense, that is a good game. I know that some hypocritical children of perdition will want to hinge on that. They will want to dance ‘kpakpangolo’ on it. Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra have suddenly become what is wrong with Nigeria ever since. We have advised them to do their own thing and leave IPOB out of it. They have been asking for strategies and they have been seeing it.

If Israel can do for me what Britain can never do, then who am I not to align with them. The politics of Britain is the politics of oil, misery, subjugation and death.

It then also oozes of hypocrisy for a man who worships a Jew called Jesus, to make mockery of another man who worships with the same ordinances that Jesus worshipped. It is also hypocritical that someone who goes to Mecca to stone a devil in the middle east, should make fun of he who also faces the Jerusalem wall to worship. Is it not an anomaly, that the Christian Britain supports the Muslim Fulani? How can this math be solved? Why don't people think? How can a minority immigrant tribe control the aboriginal people? Is this not aided by the instrument of religion? How does Rome collect the offering of the faithful in my remote village that the pope will never live to visit or know? Don't underestimate the power of control that religion wields.

This country lavishes billions in pilgrimage to the Middle East either for the Muslim hajj or the Christian pilgrimage, now, do you know how this contributes to the fiscal economy of these countries, Saudi Arabia and Israel respectively who are even doing far better than us?

If Biafrans can find an ally in Israel, that is very fine by me. I will really want us to have some good diplomatic footings before Nnamdi Kanu comes back. All we want is Biafra and only Biafra.
We shall tarry as he sorts out many more diplomatic conjugations with other countries.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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