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Man lives in an environment. There are different classifications of environment, but the truth is that they are interwoven. You have the physical and spiritual environment. The spiritual is divided into the soul (mind), metaphysical, satanic or heavenly (godly) environment. This involves the way a man thinks of himself and his God in his environment - the soul and spirit... His consciousness, hope, aspiration and expectation. If the spiritual environment is polluted, it is easier for him to allow, or even by himself, pollute his physical environment. That is why the mad person filled with many demons can live on a dustbin or create a dustbin himself if non-exists around him.

The physical is further subdivided into air, land and water (ground and underground water). The pollution of the environment started with spiritual pollution when the land was desecrated with blood birth by the Europeans. They went on to pollute our culture and tradition using psychological torture. “They stated that the people we have discovered here cannot be conquered; unless their very old and ancient education system, belief system, culture and tradition are replaced by ours and they are made to see theirs as inferior, then they will become what we want of them - a truly dominated nation"... Lord Macaulay's address to the British Parliament 2nd February, 1835.

"We cannot see crimes amongst them". They introduced many cult groups and societies that are against the peaceful co-existence our people enjoyed in Biafraland. As if that was not enough, they polluted the mind of our people to study in their land Europe and even stay there while they brought their own families here to take over the rich vegetations and industry they met here on ground. They discovered that the people remain glued to the land and waters.

They now planned and polluted the waters and land with many chemicals and instigated wars in and around the place to further destroy the farms and fishing ports of our people. The Lion Men Society was invented by the British to destroy men who were opposing them. These groups and others were made to feel above the law but were mere tools in the hands of the Colonialist to perpetrate great evil in their communities and beyond. Many titles and appointments were given to them so as to make them feel better connected to the government of the Queen of England. These were all lies that existed nowhere in the palace of the Queen. The Europeans polluted and are still polluting Biafraland till date. The truth is that it is only Biafrans that can clean the land and not any stranger, neither spiritually nor physically.

  • Where do Biafrans come in?
  • Which one are you ready for?
  • Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is sanitizing our mindsets and he is succeeding daily even in his absence. Can you beat that?

When oil was discovered in Biafra long before the first world War the pollution started, and has continued, but at a new level as communities who have oil are asked to vacate their communities and any refusal is met with more killings and desecration of the land.

Many of the oil wells seem to be standing in bushes. No. These were communities of people. They were forcefully ejected and relocated. Bonny has been relocated severally and even recently, due to discovery of Gas and the establishment of NLNG. Shell British Petroleum (Shell BP) which has the license from the Queen to drill and exploit for oil here is still here in the name of Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and many other International Oil Companies (IOC) polluting the land and waters. Everything about oil exploration and exploitation is pollution prone.

The gas flaring is also pollution in all its ramifications. Nigeria has not changed its pipelines after 67 years of oil exploration, and gas flaring is permitted only in Nigeria amongst the OPEC countries.
This is despite the fact that Nigeria has amassed over $59Trillion dollars to date from Biafra lands according to the OPEC, World Bank and IMF records of 2015, and still shamelessly and solely depending on oil to have $3,677 per capita GDP, without strategic diversification and developing/cleaning/compensation the environment of the land that produced the oil.

The mere request for even compensation to the host communities is met with thousands of killings by the Hausa, Fulani, Boko Haram and Yoruba soldiers. The Chiefs, Elders, Women and Youth and Children of these lands can protest for a whole day under rain and sun at the gates. At the evening the whole crowd will be killed and given mass burial so that the senior staff especially Britons can pass the gate freely at closing without attack. What a country.

Poorly thinking and heavily deprived, these people who are killed keep asking for employment which they are never given. But, the Hausa and Yoruba Monarchs writes to, or just visit their headquarters either in Lagos or Abuja and thousands of their sons and daughters are employed through the instrumentality of their stooges who are Directors of these companies.

Celebrate Biafra, not the Zoo.

Remember to brace up for the Biafra referendum, which is already at hand, so that Biafra can be fully restored, and all acts of oppression brought to an end.

All hail Biafra!!!
To be continued ... kindly follow the series, it is quite revealing


Written by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
Writer at TBRV
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Okwunna Okongwu
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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