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We are not fair weather, we are not seasonally spurred or motivated, we don't react to situations, we know who we are, we are simply Biafrans and Biafrans we are.

What is the implication of this? If angel Gabriel becomes president, we will still demand for referendum, if herdsmen stop killing, referendum is all we need - - not want, if a Biafran becomes the president and the vice, na referendum we still dey, if Nigeria wants, let her transform the old eastern estate to Dubai, ‘ọka bụzi lefelendum k'anyi chọrọ’. With this, you will know that there's no condition to what we need. If you restructure, we will not fight it but there and then, we don begin dey worry for our referendum. We won't stop.

I respect the choice of everyone, that is democracy and that is human right. If you should be supporting Biafra, but you are on the Nigeria side, it is your choice and I respect that and I want to advise you here to be patriotic to that your Nigeria even as the runners are very patriotic to their own families. Na free world we dey. If a man comes out one day and declares himself a stupid man, do you jail him? Is it not his own human right to be a fool if he pleases?

Some who should be Biafrans are sympathetic to her, freewill still, the only difference between them and some of us is that theirs is conditional while ours is absolute, all or nothing. If you are for restructuring, kudos, we support you, but don't use it as a bait to smoother the flame of Biafra. Just keep the fire burning in your own capacity.

PVC believers who also believe in restructuring are really disappointing me. I thought that by now, they would have made such a behemoth noise that political office aspirants would have been making restructuring a slogan for their campaigns. This is sadly not the case, they have focused their mights on removing Buhari, just as they did to Jonathan. I thought that by now, restructuring which the politicians are not afraid to say, unlike referendum that is a national crime, should be the sing-song or a token of deceit by the politicians but for wia?

For some, it is only when Nigeria hurts them that they will wail Biafra! Biafra! Biafra! But once the pain subsidies, you will see different people. I hear sey, e get people wey go protest for INEC office, dem com fire dem tear gas. Before you know it now, one of them go begin shout sey him need Biafra because no be him party dey power. If na dem dey rule, him go even mention the name?

Coal and firewood no be mate. We are not shaken, we are forever stuck here without season and without ceasing. Dynasties rise and fall, we remain steadfast till we get what we need and deserve.
We were adapted for such things. In the beginning it has been foretold and this is the great commission.

Udo nke Chineke

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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