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I was born in Biafra and was brought up with genocidal experiences and had never enjoyed life in Nigeria. My both parental backgrounds were stricken with poverty due to the continual subjugation, oppression and suppression of my people. I was in my place at home when I attended my primary school and I was among one of those that sang this slave song called Nigeria national anthem.

I was singing it not knowing that I'm slave to her, in my school I was never told that Nigeria killed and starved my fathers to death, I was never told that Nigeria I was busy singing her anthem sees me as nonentity and slave to her. I was never told that the name given to me as a Nigerian was forced on me, thus histories was removed from school's curriculum so that I will never know my correct identity.

I was never told that my fathers fought and died for my freedom and redemption, I was never told that I'm a Biafran by birth and not a Nigerian. I was never told that there was a country called Biafra and it existed for centuries before it was forcefully married to become and bear the name Nigeria by the British Colonial masters.

Fulani and Britain came to the land of Biafra killing at will just to wipe us BIAFRANS out from existence and I was never told of it in my school, my fathers suffered many deaths because of this evil marriage. Oh my God. Since I grew up not until 2015 that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu made me to have the true knowledge of my identity that I am a BIAFRAN, oh my God! I never knew. I was robbed off my true identity, WHAT A WICKEDNESS.

Oh, my goodness, I'm now filled with love and joy for I am Biafran. Now I know that I have been a slave to this zoo called Nigeria. If I die now after knowing my true identity and fighting for her total freedom and restoration I lose nothing. If I get to the next world I will be happy to tell them I die a free man, a BIAFRAN.

Choosing to fight for my freedom from my slave Masters is choosing life and death. Many lacks this Knowledge and still said that they are freedom fighters yet afraid of death, they hide and shout freedom or Biafra and lack the courage of a freedom fighter.

I have chosen the right path, if I die fighting for my freedom and the freedom of my children and children unborn please don't cry, weep or mourn for me. Mama papa, brother, sister, my friends and loved ones, my lovely wife and please my children don't cry for me, for I died for a noble cause. Rather be happy and rejoice for I died a Biafran and a free man.

I died a Biafran is more gain and far better to me than to die as a slave in this evil creation and contraption called Nigeria. The name Nigeria is sin, sorrow, hardship hunger, starvation, death, hell and abomination.

Restore Biafra for me he said" that brother who was shot dead by the Nigerian army and was refused immediate medical attention in the hospital at the point of death. Those were his final words. He died and many that have been killed and many of our men and female who dies daily in Nigeria prisons. They die not for president or vice president slot, but for the full sovereignty of the United States of Biafra.

Who am I to be afraid of death, for a cause I believe in and stand for? God forbid for I am not afraid to die. But we cannot die for presidency or vice in the zoo.


Written by:
Kelechi Godlove
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Legborsi Emanuel
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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