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The activities of these oil companies have led to the spill of oil and blood all over the land and waters of Biafra including the groundwater. UN after the study of the Ogoni area led by their Consultant of Blessed memory Dr. Clement Faah, discovered that we have an all-time high level of benzene in our rain water, ground and underground water. The Rivers State Government quickly started supplying water to few spots and later built a water plant for drinking in this few spots. We knew it was another political move that cannot be sustained beyond weeks.

The report states in part, “The values obtained in this current report in fishes from Rivers in Ogoni (Bodo creek), Choba and Bayelsa are far above the rivers around Lagos and Nigeria and averages between 71.760 and 264610ng/g and 100 ug/kg compared to ng/kg in these other reports. The value in this report also exceeds the PAHs of Potomac USA of 598 ng/kg used as reference by many researchers... report submitted by Dr. Clement Faah. Then UN replied the present report showing high values of the measured parameters in Ogoni exposes the human inhabitants to possible lungs, kidneys, heart and testicular urinary total damages. The elevated hydrocarbon content in the Ogoni subjects is a positive deleterious finding.  Benzene that appears in the environmental organic compound called Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) components of TPH which is in all the water can be accumulated to potentially hazardous levels in fish and invertebrates and pose serious health risks to humans that consumes such fish(es) specifically in the Ogoni (Bodo) case. I have come to realise that virtually most of our patients presented with infertility who come from the oil-producing regions have several toxins and heavy metal overload, such that even the best of IVF with good embryos would not yield a positive result unless they go through a Mayr therapy detoxification process. And how many can afford this, even when the facilities are not here but only abroad.

Many other internationals including the UNEP scientific and technical teams have confirmed and dragged the Nigeria Federal Government and Shell to the point where they are politicizing it till date. The Calls by Niger Deltans for clean-up fall on nepotistic and ethno conscious directors’ ears who only see it as another opportunity to employ more of their sons and daughters, hence, you hear all kinds of names with employees from Hausa and Yoruba land capped with a political appointee from the Niger Delta who is only ready to answer yes to Fulani/Yoruba Cabals or leave the stage. We have all kinds of committees and commissions set up once there is a cry from here for development. In other places in the north when there is an incidence, money in billions and trillions are moved to their state governors for immediate intervention. The excess which is naturally available is always corruptly embezzled by such Governors as they have no DNA for development but destruction. We are watching HYPREP, UN is Watching OGONI, Niger Delta and the rest of Biafra land. Clement Faah will not die in vain. He revealed a truth that has been scientifically proven to be correct several years after he was gruesomely murdered by the agents of Shell and Fulani Cabals in Ogoni. The politics of the political parties is the least problem of Biafra land. The oil politics is the superior politics and our people have been so polluted that they cannot even see beyond their nose and protect their best brains, rather they kill their own due to plates of porridge of flimsy political promises that are non-existent lies from the pit of hell.

Written by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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