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The Headquarter of Nigeria that was once in Ekwenga was gradually moved to Cross River and then to Lagos. Finally, in Abuja in the hands of the Fulani CABALs. Who said they are not slow and steady. All these planned and executed by the British; the master of the game called Nigeria.

They closed all the over sixteen ports and made live unbearable for our importers and exporters who have no choice but to sell their goods at exorbitant prices to make little or no profit so as to remain in business.

The Biafrans are the most pained humans on earth. Every importation is termed illegal. Our containers are seized and branded evil and criminal. Banned contents are infused and sometimes the Boko haram arms are placed inside to call our importers criminals. Ibeto cement is criminal but Dangote cement is legal. Their rice is legal but ours is contraband. Even ordinary clothes are termed contrabands. They desire us to be hungry and naked but we are still better off because of JEHOVAH GOD. The same goes for crude oil theft and artisanal refining. Bunkery is legal if Fulani/Yoruba is involved, it is illegal once a Biafran with authentic licence lifts a vessel load of crude. If the Fulani soldiers are adequately paid, they are legal, once they are not settled everything is burnt down. Modular refinery licences are dangled at the face of Biafrans but not given. Our prisons are overfilled 10 thousand times the capacities and inmates die daily for crime they never committed. A Biafran man Dr. Good Ebele Jonathan former Nigerian President was forced out of power because it is time to renew British Shell oil license and that of others. President Buhari (Jubrin) must remain the Petroleum Minister who cannot release one cash call to the oil companies so that there will be no contract for the oil companies to boost the economy of Biafra land.

None or little allocation to NDDC but yet there is trillion of dollars stacked for the development of North West. We are and can never be quiet again. The Biafrans cannot be in charge of the Board Rooms of the IOCs and the Government parastatals that supervises them no matter how qualified we are. Where is the welfare system for the indigenes of the Biafra land where oil is taken from? I want to reiterate here that host community does not mean the plot of land where oil well is located. Oil is in the entire Biafra land and we should not be deceived any longer. Everybody in Biafra land deserves a scholarship and welfare system that can take you through your PhD while owning two or three servicing companies in the oil, gas, Agro industry, hospitality, banking or services industries. Our entire physical and spiritual environments are highly polluted to the extent that we are shadows of our real selves.


TBRV is One and has come to stay, we stand by and defend the truth no matter who is involved.

We have demonstrated it as individuals all our lives but as Biafran journalistic body for the past one year. We have reported the stories of Biafra by Biafrans in a way that presents only the truth the way it is.

We have endeared many to the Biafran course through educative, expository and entertaining articles and in this anniversary celebrations, we hope to give you more even as our Supreme Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reappearance and world Broadcast in Israel has iced the cake of this anniversary.


Written by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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