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Honestly, I am really short of words to describe this media firm because if I should say it, it will take weeks for me to really quantify the impact TBRV has brought to this struggle for total emancipation of Biafrans. Not just Biafrans alone, but to the entire world.

In Nigeria, some of the brown envelop jaundiced media outlets have lost their relevance because they no longer educate the world on the happenings around the country instead they've contributed immensely in shielding the right information to the masses and then feed the same masses with falsehood. Take for instance, few days ago, there was a blood bath in Kaduna where the rampaging herders went on a killing spree, people would have relied on the media to get the exact information, but they chose to conceal it. How would it be said that a sane media outlet would describe the mayhem carried out by Herdsmen as mere Farmers/herders clash? People sleep in their houses, herdsmen invade their houses slit their throats and then a media outlet describes it as "Farmers versus Herdsmen clash. Even the killings in churches? With all these one would begin to wonder when houses and churches turned into a farmland. Going by these misnomers, you begin to wonder what kind of environment media would want to build by spreading falsehood.

Nigeria media became worst ever since the assumption of the cow man, Muhammadu Buhari, masquerading as president of Nigeria, killings with impunity became the order of the day, especially Biafrans, the media with the fear of being sanctioned, conceal all the atrocities of Buhari and his kinsmen.  All of them lost their authenticity and went rogue.

These were what inspired some groups of intelligentsias from Biafra, they couldn't sit and watch the world fed with falsehood, they couldn't sit and watch Biafrans die unjustly, they became tired of the falsehoods of the Nigeria media, so they decided to set up an incorruptible media firm, the one that will report to the world exactly what has been happening in Nigeria, they decided to expose the ethnocentric to the Biafraphobic sadist, Buhari and to inform the world how wicked he is, they swung into action and birthed TBRV (The Biafra Restoration Voice) a body of Reporters, Writers, Analyst and Columnists.

October 26, 2017, she came on board to help aid the full restoration of Biafra and to expose the wicked activities of this fraudulent country, Nigeria. Ever since then, this team has played a major role in feeding the world with the right information regarding Biafrans and the injustices being hauled at them. Our team members from all the provinces in Biafraland began to move around, write, analyse and report the happenings.

TBRV became the voice of the Voiceless, hopes were revived and the world started seeing the shady dealings of Nigeria. Most importantly TBRV has helped to bring hope to Biafrans. This, I can confidently say that even world leaders now visit our handles to get the right information.

Just like her motto MISSION STATEMENT:
To speak, stand for and defend the truth impartially always as it concerns the Peace, Justice, Freedom and Well Being of Biafrans.

Motto: Excellence and Truth. TBRV has played an excellent and truthful role in keeping the entire world up to date with the right information and has given the other Nigerian jaundice media a run for their money

Also, with her mission statement: To speak, stand for and defend the truth always as it concerns the Peace, Justice, Freedom and Well Being of Biafrans. TBRV has accomplished exactly what she stands for. I Victor Obinna Uzoaga a writer and reporter of this exceptional media firm is proud and happy towards her achievements and we will not rest until Biafrans regain their freedom. With TBRV in motion, Biafra restoration is a done deal. We will never compromise our decision until Biafra is restored.

So, join us today as we celebrate her 12 months in existence. She is indeed a beacon of hope and honesty. TBRV is here to stay even after Biafra is restored, we shall continue to deliver the right information to you, we will write, analyse and report every matter the way it is without fear or favour.

Finally, I thank our supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu for making this happen. Our loyalty will always be with you, our deputy leader Mazi Alphonsus Uche Mefor, Chiokike Abiama bless you. IPOB DOS, we salute you, Biafrans all over, we are grateful for giving us the opportunity to serve you by bringing the right information to you all.

To all our esteemed readers, followers Biafrans and non-Biafrans all over the world, God bless you all.

Happy birthday to TBRV.

Written by:
Victor Obinna Uzoaga
(TBRV Writer/Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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