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When a person, family, community, or nation is subjected to any degree of voicelessness, that person, or group of people, appears to be enclosed in a circuit where they are entirely cut off from the world, and the world from them.

In the course of the quest by Biafrans to restore our dear nation, Biafra, Radio Biafra London (RBL) set a standard that threw the floodgates of Biafra outreach and evangelism open, giving birth to many fearless and resolute media outfits. Among these several outfits is the irrepressible TBRV, The Biafra Restoration Voice.

Though the birth of TBRV wasn't planned, it was equally not unexpected because it came as one of those important necessities of life, ordained by God to manifest at the right time. It is good then that we appreciate how good life is, but it must not be forgotten that no matter whatever luxury, ostentation, extravagance, or even prodigality, life still remains meaningless without freedom.
It is for the purpose of filling this yawning gap that has been beckoning on the oppressed people of Biafra, that TBRV, among others, has been birthed to close.

For those who don't know, TBRV is a media team whose vision is to make the voice of Biafrans heard and fully represented locally and internationally, while working in conjunction with, and in the shadows of Radio Biafra London. And that has brought together men and women of unshakeable faith in the principles of live and let live (freedom); Freedom for the Biafrans, Africa and the world.

Some year ago, through the ingenuity of Her Excellency, Oluchi Christy Enyinnaya, TBRV was born. It is a Biafran Media outlet passionately working for the restoration of the independent and sovereign State of Biafra under the great IPOB ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

It is not a coincidence that TBRV is celebrating its one year at a time the struggle for Biafra is faced with the worst Media war from those that thought Biafra is a plea bargain for Nigeria's Vice-Presidential slot.

Members of this noble Media organization have shown through courage and fearlessness in their articles and reportage, that they are equal to the task. They have without pay, committed very enormous resources, in terms of time, financial, and other resources just to ensure that the compelling project of restoring Biafra does not only not lose its steam, but equally goes ahead to add momentum day after day.

It is on this note we implore Biafrans to contribute and nurture this formidable group so that it can grow to be like that mustard seed that later became the giant tree where all the birds of the air took refuge. This you can do through constantly and sincerely reading and commenting on the wall of TBRV, while also visiting all the other media sites of TBRV.

TBRV has made the voice of the indigenous people of Biafra to be heard worldwide. Here is the voice of the people, constantly, consistently, and relentlessly telling our story without fear, favour, or compromise.

Let Biafrans remain focused on the Biafra referendum, which is just by the corner, so as to make a sweeping success of the Biafra referendum. Intensify your referendum evangelism, and apply every method you know.

Happy one-year anniversary, TBRV!

Come Oh quickly, Biafra!

Written by:
Anichebe Udechukwu Emetoh
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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