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While I was growing up as a youth I had friends who are 7, 8 years, older than me, they like me in their mist not because I had money but because I can speak to them without fear and say things that most of my age mate didn't know or bold enough to say.

Among my older friends, I was very close to Matthew (real names withheld) he's 9 years older than me, a young man that was doing great in business and was living in a three-bedroom apartment, and knows how to take care of women. My friend Matthew has this girl Jane he wanted badly so we started making investigation about her and how to get her, but we found out she's into a relationship with another man (Kenneth) who's a trader. Jane was a beauty to behold at first sight, she’s average in height, has a sultry eye, well curved body and I can boldly say she's the most beautiful girl in my community then, in fact she looks like a Biafran. 

Her man friend Kenneth was tall, broad, very ugly facially, has a big head and shapeless in appearance just like (Nigeria) but was doing well in his trade, he gives out money freely to Jane and her aunt whenever they needed money. Kenneth suffers from inferiority complex that whenever he sees a man talking to Jane, then she knows she will get the beating of her life that day, that same kind of beating Biafrans get when they come out to agitate for Biafra, the kind of brute force we get from the Nigerian security Forces I have seen Jane with swollen and black eyes, scars all over her body that sometimes I feel like fighting for her, there was a period she was so beaten by Kenneth and was admitted to the hospital, she spent two weeks and came out with a broken leg that was covered with (POP) of which Kenneth paid the bills and took her to his house.

My friend Matthew was angry and mad, so we decided to know why Jane can't leave such abusive relationship. We discovered that Jane has gotten use to Kenneth and his abusive ways that even when you tell her that you are a pretty girl you can do without this guy, Jane will be the person telling you that you don't know Kenneth, she will tell you how caring and loving Kenneth is, the way some Biafrans are telling us that Atiku is so caring, romantic and good in bed with different sex positions and will quench our thirst for sex whenever we need it.

It never occurred to Jane that as pretty as she is, the day she's bold enough to look at Kenneth in the eyes and say enough is enough and walks away from that abusive relationship and that there are so many suitors with my friend Matthew being one of them who are ready to treat her like the queen she is because of her natural beauty. This is the same way the rest of the world are waiting for Biafrans to free themselves from Nigeria so they can do business with us because of our human and natural resources.

Nevertheless, Jane stayed in the relationship got married to Kenneth before I left our family home and moved out of the community. Six years later when I returned to see some old friends in the community I ran into Jane and what I saw was shocking, Jane has two kids for Kenneth, she was looking so old and tattered, and has lost one of her eyes through Kenneth's brutality. While my friend Matthew has relocated to Japan with his wife and daughter through the help of his elder brothers who are based in Japan, and they are doing very well even as I write this story. 

As a Biafran you must decide if you want to remain in Nigeria and continue with the economic strangulations, abandonment, brutality and killings of your people and region like Jane did with Kenneth or you want to walk out on Nigeria and embrace other partners in the world who are ready to respect you, treat you like an equal partner and bring out the best out of you and your nation Biafra, you must decide where your loyalty lies, as for me and my family Biafra is our identity.

This is a true life story.

Written by:
Usain Reyes
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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