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Every good country is defined by the patriotism of her citizens, in serving the country with strength, honest and loyalty to defend and preserve her glory. This is always the desire of every good citizen towards his/her beloved country, because such country must have charted a good course for her citizens. Coming back to the zoological republic called Nigeria, I doubt if anyone could ever be proud or patriotic about Nigeria for any reason.

The name Nigeria arouses suspicion or a Nigerian is a suspect among the countries and citizens of this world. Green-White-Green its flag colours on a passport has become a bad omen that one has to fast, pray hard and even consult religious persons for spiritual assistance each time a trip to overseas is to be embark on, or else one may be facing risk of deportation because of the Nigerian passport in one's pocket.

This is how bad and rotting Nigeria has gotten to, even the so-called elites are not proud of Nigeria either. Their children will study abroad as American citizens or British citizens and will never come back home to serve their useless and godforsaken country by partaking in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), but their father will not hesitate to repatriate them back home to succeed them as future political leaders. Their patriotism for Nigeria is anchored on the Biafra Oil & Gas, they are neither ready to serve Nigeria with their strength and honesty nor loyal to pay the supreme price for the country they pretend to love so much.

Americans will ever be proud of their country. Russians, Chinese, Indians to mention but a few, all these nationals will be very patriotic about their country but I am yet to see one single patriotic Nigerian except the Fulanis and a few individuals from the South who are working for these Fulanis and Britain. Ironically these Fulanis are illegal immigrants, invaders and killers, who collaborated with the parasitic Britain to destroy and exploit Biafra land. They are not aborigines and Nigeria is not an aboriginal name to the aborigines. Apart from the Fulanis "terrorists" and their stooges who are thriving on the confiscated Biafra wealth, there is no other person/ persons that will ever be proud of Nigeria.

An Average Yoruba man is more patriotic to Oduduwa nation than Nigeria. Ndi-Igbo, Ijaws, and Biafrans in whole have long rejected Nigeria and have since been working towards restoring Biafra their aboriginal state, the only hope for the oppressed. The Middle belt citizens have also rejected Nigeria too. Now all the components that make up the British experiment have all rejected Nigeria, it is a clear indication that the British enterprise called Nigeria is naturally dead. So, I challenge anyone who may claim to be a patriotic Nigerian to a debate with me in any national television of his choice.

People have lost faith in Nigeria;
  • A country that kills her citizens and shield terrorists.
  • A country that denies her citizens everything and rob them of all things.
  • A country that value animals than human beings.
  • A country that does not care for the wellbeing of her youths.
  • A country whose leaders are fantastically corrupt.
  • A country that its leaders are strangers, living flamboyantly in foreign lands. They only come to Nigeria to exploit and retire back to their home overseas after work.
  • A country where it is an abomination for the children of the political leaders to study in Nigeria.
  • A country where the leaders and their families can never be treated in Nigeria hospitals, rather they prefer going for medical trips abroad.
It is based on these aforementioned and other glaring facts that referendum for the disgruntled citizens becomes inevitable to put an end to the chaotic situation the people (especially Biafrans) find themselves in Nigeria. The continuous dwindling of patriotism among supposed Nigerians, especially the youths are one of the reasons referendum must be conducted to avert imminent political chaos and turmoil that may befall the country if this boiling issues are not properly addressed in a very civilised manner. The youths have lost faith in Nigeria and Biafrans sees referendum (to vote yes for Biafra,) as the only alternative and acceptable way forward for now.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless IPOB worldwide
God bless Biafra the land of the rising Sun


Written by:
Eze Joe
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Precious Diala Sparrow
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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