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Who is a groupie in this context? The word groupie is a slang for a female fan who worships a male celebrity. The celebrity can be a musician, an actor or an athlete.

Now on Facebook, you can woo both single and married with just a cute profile picture. Make sure that you are on a well-tailored suit in that picture. Flaunt some decent cars and always take the picture of your office, your big chair and exquisite table with maybe an apple Macintosh dutifully glowing the bitten apple logo by its rear. Keep taking fine pictures and keep flaunting your bachelorhood.

Most of these groupies will come jaws-dropping for you. They will flirt with seeming harmless jokes but with deep cardiac seriousness. They will flirt and flirt.

Even though I am here on a serious business, these groupies do these flirtations to this kind of guys such that most times I am left but notice and secretly be ashamed at their clear show of public desperation.

Groupies don't have a mind of their own. They are controlled by that particular man crush. Note that this man crush might not even have noticed them, but they sway alongside his every sentiment without a single care.

When these men crush were supporting IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu, their groupies were everywhere putting Biafran logos as their DPs, then, they were fully with IPOB and they lasted as their men crush also lasted.

Now, most of their men crush are members of the PDP who only sympathized with the IPOB because they felt IPOB was an opposition enough to align with against the APC.

Atiku won the PDP primaries. But recall that 6 months ago, Atiku was in the dreaded den of killers, the APC, this same Atiku spat on the PDP in 2014 to align with the criminal APC to wrest power from Jonathan and the PDP. To the PDP presently, Atiku has been cleansed of his sins, which includes several loot cases when a vice president. You remember how Buhari was dusted up and presented as gold? That is also what the PDP is attempting at doing with Atiku.

Where is the place of the groupie in these scenarios? She has as usual followed her Facebook man crush. When he was conditionally supporting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, she did the same oblivious of his main motive. Now he is Atikulating, she is also Atikulating upandan, ask her why, no cogent reason except the normal rhetoric of lesser evil bla bla bla.

I tell you truthfully that these people are spur of the moment kinds. They notice what is trending and just dive in. They wait for their man crush to make a post on that and you see them rushing to the post to register their affirmative comment and presence. All these are just to get noticed and a show of flirtatious loyalty.

We know those who are serious, those who came to just have fun and lastly those who came to find some spouses.

Your ‘iberibe’ is as conspicuous as a full moon. We know you are not serious.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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