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All battles for influence are won and lost in the minds. Power and control cometh from the ability to control the minds of people. Power and might is not the product of physical strength, larger numeric or financial strength.

Everyone in history who ever thirsted for power and control, resorted to the mechanics of mind control of the larger populace. This holy grail called the mind that everyone seeks to control is a tool for both good and bad. This mind games and control is not left out in relationships also. A man tries to condition the mind of the wife that she has to give him respect at all cost, the woman tries to condition the man's mind that as the man of the house, he must foot the bills.

If you penetrate an individual's mind, you have conquered him. You have done 95% of the job, the remaining 5% is effortlessly left for the conquered mind to conquer himself and put that chain around himself and to find the ocean with the biggest depth to fling the cuffs' keys down. OK, I get it now, so you were thinking that in modern day slavery, that the slaver slaves the victim's mind a 100%? Nope! he remains small percentage for the slave to do by himself. Why do you think the slaver does that? He does that so that when the slave's mind starts getting some emancipation, the slave will blame himself or his fellow slave for his own slavery, not knowing that he was the trickle charge in the whole battery charging episode.

Why do you think a minority nomadic immigrant tribe like the Fulani is controlling 180 million indigenous population? They use one of the most sophisticated token of mind control called religion. If you are a Muslim in Nigeria, any day you wake up, you are supposed to first pray to the Fulani before you pray to Allah. They are your gods here. Why did you think most Christians voted Buhari? Yes, you got it right, Redeemed church.

In our society, there are two classes, namely, the political class and the rest. There is a refrain which states that "every man is a political animal" yes, if you ask me, I will tell you that this refrain is relative and can still be used to control and condition your minds. In Nigeria, where you matter in politics is before elections, after elections, the stakeholders of the given victorious party feast on your heads.
These political parties have registered members, they have registered youth wings. Most of these people might directly or indirectly benefit from a feasting.

Because of the foundation of the Nigeria democracy, it is not possible for the common man to function. What this means is that if you become a political animal as stated by the refrain above, you become that to the gain of the political parties and not to the good of the citizens. These political parties with their youths who stand to gain, condition your minds and make you believe that you are being political for your good, nope! They will bring tribe, religion and the current mess of the nation as premises. You will be spurred, erroneously believing that you are doing your tribe or religion a service but laslas, it is the stakeholders of that political party that gain. If you doubt me, ask the Redeemed people, whether anyone of them benefitted more than their GO in this last government, ask most northerners who shouted "Sai Baba" the most if they are still not above the East in poverty index.

I am not writing this as a Biafran alone but as someone who knows this game. If there should be any demand or signed agreements with these political parties, it should be now. Now, notice that those who are neutrals but still Atikulating will always ask for a written agreement, but always pay attention how the PDP members will come and tell you that you need to be alive first to either restructure or get a referendum. We know these games. These days, being smart is no longer humans' Forte but trendy things and the consequent herd mentality.

The PDP does not want to be cornered in that angle 90 of signing a pact. When I say PDP, I don't only mean the presidency but all levels of political office aspirants. Buhari has made his intention known on restructuring and referendum, how about the PDP? I am not particularly asking Atiku now, but the whole PDP. A party must have a collective ideology and aim.

This is the only opportunity the people have to bring government to their doorsteps. Since 1999, governments have been for the political parties and their cronies, the people have often been the most vibrant yet the victims.

How do the people realize that they have power when their minds and brains are well cocked in the bottles of politics and religion? How can you give them their minds back without being harmed? Yes, they will harm you. Remember that remaining 5% that the slaver left? Yes, he left it for them to use their own hands and consolidate on their slavery. So, if you want to free him, you are in danger and seen as a mad man.

As I type, whenever a Nigerian wakes up he should pray to the Fulani first before his own God. If a people don't control their FINANCE, POLITICS EDUCATION, INDUSTRY, MARKET and RESOURCES, they are slaves. You might have money, have shop, have a school, have a factory, have crude oil, but if you are helpless in making policies that control these things, then you are but a rich slave with or without cash. An Igbo man says that an "Aboki" has a low IQ but he is here on Facebook killing himself over two Abokis for president, meanwhile since 1999, he has not been one, even his cousin Goodluck was just an accidental president. A wretched man from the Niger Delta still thinks that Ndị-Igbo who also have oil still want his oil that is controlled by the Fulani and foreign countries.

I remember the words of Ahmadu Bello in "parrot", he said that they (Fulani) won't allow you to take charge of your future and destinies. Wow! These Fulani are damn good! They have maintained that a 100%.

You cannot govern people of divergent civilizations, history, cultures, faiths, languages and value systems with a unitary government. It is always like scratching a "knockout" banger, it is like throwing a lit match in a tank filled with propane.

All the people who sold Buhari like gala, how far? Have we all not been partakers of its effects? Has it not been the political parties and their cronies that have been making merry? All the people who insulted others on social media for APC who are not members, how far? The members and their families have gained, how about you? The only thing you as an individual can gain in politics is a good system of governance that shows accountability and steady growth, that is when you are in charge of your destiny, that is when a province police can deal with herdsmen without calling the IG of police and the IG further trying to call the president to get a clearance. Why are people this dumb? Why don't they want a permanent solution to their problems? Why fall for this deceit by political parties? If you must vote, can't you make demands? Can't you demand that you want to be in charge of your destiny for once? After this, it is the next four years. IPOB already have a demand, and that is referendum before we can participate in elections, you there Atikulating aimlessly with PDP members, what are you demanding from the PDP people? Do you think PDP members will demand something from their own party? Do you think they love you so much and will want to change your lives just by themselves without you demanding for it? When people demand they will hush you with removing Buhari first rhetoric. What nonsense! It is people-oriented governance first and not Buhari first, there are still millions who are like Buhari who will still rule. When you address that main issue, then people like Buhari won't hurt you again. Stop playing into PDP's game, they learnt that from APC and I assure you that they have really learnt a lot of bad stuffs from the APC.

Next time they want to blackmail you with whether you want Buhari to continue killing, tell them that you are boycotting to permanently stop people like Buhari from deciding your destiny.

Even if you make an Igbo a president, my stand as an individual remains. The political parties are looking for control while me as an individual is looking for a control of my destiny. Please don't tell me what is possible and not. If people like you were the black slaves of the US, by now the whites and blacks would have still been segregated because of your dominant slave mentality. When you say it is not possible, you affirm your status as a chronic, congenital and total slave.

May God keep all of us alive, we will judge ourselves by ourselves. This is not me making a prediction, this is me being as certain as the sun.

Don't forget the harsh judgment of the Buharideens, yours will be a child's play. Then, it was Jonathan out! First before anything, the APC gave looting as a campaign dogma, people didn't ask questions, people didn't make demands. What happened? Buhari denied all the mouthed promises, the looting became worse, prices of commodities rose, exchange rates went higher and herdsmen started killing relentlessly. They didn't consider these in the beginning, it was kick Jonathan out!

Now it is kick Buhari out! I agree, but it is does not end there.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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