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They had many farms, oil palm plantation, mat tree plantation, date palm and wine palm plantations. They were great Fishermen and Farmers and they took charge of Rivers and apportioned various parts of the rivers to families for nurturing and harvesting of the fishes for both subsistence and commercial use. There were full time Fish businessmen in the Coastal part of Biafra who were exporting fish before the arrival of the Colonial Masters. They were very rich. Do you know what it means to go to the river and just catch fish that break your net like that of Peter from day to day in ordinary lakes, streams, creeks, rivers, seas and even Oceans. 

They sold it dry or fresh. They had many fishing ports around coastal Biafra in present day Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River supplying fish to the rest of the world. They knew how to preserve their fishes fresh or dry to wherever they were going to supply it. The fish industry had specialists and employed millions of people across the clans. The fishermen, the paddlers, the security men in the war canoes, the fish dryers, the preservers, the firewood fetchers, firewood breakers, the blacksmiths, the tentmakers, the fish farmers and feeders.  They apportioned it to their male children as inheritance by seniority or handed over to the first male child who takes custody and ensures the younger brothers are taken care of through the welfare system of the Jews. Nigeria is bereft of Welfare systems that is why there is crime everywhere.  Armed Robbery is a new phenomenon here that surfaced in late 1960s.  Our people were technologically advanced enough to compete and exceed the Europeans when they arrived here in search of food when hunger hit Europe after the wars. Please I want you to remember that we were organized and advanced enough to fight and win laurels in the world war 1 and 2 more than many European countries. Remember that our people engaged the British Army with superior weapons in West Africa and they could not come in by force from 14th to 17th centuries, they had to come in by negotiations through Christian missions and Business Missions in 18th century. We only gained from the Christian mission and we are reminding the world of Christianity today. As per the business missions, they leaked our fingers and threw us out of the Board rooms through the windows. They only replaced us with Hausa, Fulani, Boko Haram and sometimes my beloved Yoruba puppets who are loyal to the Fulani Cabals. When a man who do not have a stake in a business is in the Boardroom, he will be thinking of his belly alone and that of his children, not the land, hence the pollution.

The Biafrans and British treaties signed by our Chiefs produced over 16 companies in Ekwenga that was the world’s best business empire as at 1920 even after Amalgamation. Prime amongst them was United African Company (U. A. C.) present day Unilever Plc. All these companies and the sixteen ports in coastal Biafra has since been killed and buried by the British who came with so much anger against us. They pretended they have forgiven us for the centuries of resistance we gave them but meted on us the greatest punishment of destroying everything with our Biafran identity. Prime amongst them was our robust economy. We (Yeghe, Ogoni Central) were termed the fastest developing people with superior architecture that should be preserved by Mr. Green Scott, a British Colonialist in 1923. They raised and destroyed many parallel kingdoms in Coastal Biafra e.g. Bonny (Bani a Jewish settlement). They described the fall of Bani like this to the Queen. “All that is left of her is a mad woman who sings of the past glory of the
land and debris of the windows and doors of the palace that the fire could not burn” WestBow 1929.  Fireproof doors were here long before they arrived. Permit me to state that the British Colonialist did the final damage that the rest of European Colonialism started in 14th Century. We are poised and zealous to restore the glory of the land and waters of Biafra.

The Igbo people, Igala, Edoma and other hinterland Biafrans in the South Eastern States of Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Abia, and even parts of the middle belt are great farmers and traders of high repute who have the zest and telemetry to amass wealth even from waste. They have a saving culture, they are travellers and can live and grow anywhere in the world. They are presently in all the continents of the world like the typical Jews they develop the lands where they dwell. Their hardworking nature has earned them awards all over the world. They are the brain behind many successful companies in and outside Nigeria. They naturally attract wealth like the Biblical Joseph, they bring an end to poverty and starvation wherever they work. The British took more of them for slavery considering that they were technically inclined and stout enough for the mechanical farming the Europeans developed at the time. The Europeans has taken a lot in terms of human resources from Nigeria. They take only the best and nothing less. They have presently schemes that attract and retain our first class materials from this country. Biafra boasts of wealth yesterday, today and tomorrow.
The commodity trade had the Igbos leading, they also were de facto in the slave trade though originally led by the Obolos who contacted the white men earlier in the Gulf of Guinea and later hosted them in Egwenga (present day river lying between Ikot Abasi-first capital of Nigeria, Kono in Ogoni, Andoni. Opobo, Nkoro, Bonny).

All these and various liquid and solid minerals deposit like crude oil, coal, tin ore, barytes, sand, clay, gold, bitumen etc which are available in both Coastal and Hinterland of Biafra. These are the reasons for the continuous genocidal attacks and neo-colonization of this rich paradise on earth.
Celebrate Biafra, not the Zoo
All hail Biafra!!!

To be continued ...

Kindly follow the series, it is quite revealing


Written by:
Legborsi EMMANEL
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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