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Whenever you hear Nigerians boast that their country is the giant of Africa, one is left to wonder the rationale behind such assertion. Could it mean that they are trying to say they are the giant of Africa in ‘iberiberism’, to borrow from Okorochas lexicon?

I will elucidate briefly:

I remember in my days in the university that education in black Africa was designed first to restore the dignity of a black man battered by many years of oppression, remoulding his character and enhancing his capacity for learning and knowledge, yet rather than Nigeria to pioneer this noble task of uplifting all people of Africa, Nigeria failed woefully and contributed immensely indignifying its citizens. In other words, Nigerians has been enslaved by the country that was supposed to build them.

Nigeria is the headquarter of human enslavement in the modern era. The degree of human slavery in Nigeria is so terrible that many Nigerians prefer to travel to Libya to be enslaved by the slave merchants of Libya than the hardship meted out to them their own government.

Let me explain further: Olaudah Equiano was one of the first Igbos who bought himself out of slavery. He made so much money while working as a slave in the white man's house and bought himself free. During that era of slavery, a slave lived far more better than most Nigerians are living today even under their own government employee.

On the average, most countries in Europe and the US pay near $2500 monthly as the minimum wage required for people to live a decent life. Some African countries who do not lay claim to being Giant of Africa pay within the range of $500- $1000 to their citizens. But guess how much Nigeria, the self-acclaimed giant of Africa pays its citizens, a slavish wage of $60 per month.

This indignified life of slavery by a country to its citizens has had a damaging effect on the capacity for Nigerians to think like free and noble people. It will be right to say that Nigeria has one of the greatest concentrations of modern human slaves. Any scholar who intends to understudy modern day human slavery should make Nigeria a case study.

Fela Kuti of blessed memory tried to open the eyes of Nigerians but they were blinded by slavery.  Lagbaja was right in retrospect when he was referring to the population of Nigeria as 180 million mumu. Lagbaja was invariably saying that the Nigerian population behaves like idiots and their leaders have exploited their idiocy to further enslave them.

How can a sane man, a dignified soul liberated from the manacles of mental and physical slavery still chant one Nigeria? Isn't madness or the height of it?

  • How can you be shouting one Nigeria when Obi is robbed to pay Musa?
  • How can you be chanting one Nigeria when government refuses to give you a living wage but prefers to pay you an amnesty?
  • How can you chant one Nigeria when one Nigeria has failed to give you uninterrupted power supply for 58 years?
  • How can you chant one Nigeria when you are fully aware the constitution is false and building on a fraudulent scheme?
  • Just how do you manage to shout one Nigeria if you are not a slave?

One beautifully nauseating attribute of slaves is that they love their chains and any attempt to set them free is always met with strong resistance. Could it be the reason why many Nigerians shouted crucify him! crucify him! when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu came to help set them free?

Like the children of Israel in the wilderness Nigerians prefer the chains of an unworkable union to the dignified life in a free and beautiful nation. So, when you hear them shouting one Nigeria, know that the effect of slavery is having its toll on them.

#Support Biafra Referendum

Written by:
Nwakuche Emeka
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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