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You might not understand how this year independent ceremony looks like.  It could be summed up as a show of rickety and limping life emitting nation, whose supporting machine sustaining energy is almost running off. I was in Rivers State en route to Omanbara (Anambra), having worked for my dear Biafra in Igwuocha Biafraland yesterday (30/09/2018) on the nostalgic and pathetic “genocide exhibition” organized by great Umuebele Zone 2 Igwuocha. For the obvious need that I should leave Igwuocha to Omanbara, I hitted the road to Omanbara trip via Aba connecting route. As we were on the journey, no one was talking of the independent celebration today, all my co-travellers could discuss was how dead Nigeria is which the terrible Aba - Port Harcourt road conditions could add salt to wounds.

Despite that the decayed Federal Government of Nigeria gave “holiday” today, people were busy going to their normal businesses. The Police, Armies, Navies and Airforce personals stationed on these roads were busy extorting the motorists as usual. Looking at the environment with nowhere to sight green nor white insignia, I was reminded quickly by my instinct that I was plying Biafraland roads. It marvelled me how our people have rejected Nigeria. I felt how disgusting the name Nigeria appears to Biafrans.  No children for matching, no street shows, no exhibitions. In fact, no sign I was in Nigeria on independence celebration day.

Felt I might be wrong with the real date of today, I unlocked my phone. Logged in to Vanguard news online. I ran into what was captioned “the president’s full independent ceremony speech”. Hoping to read a new thing from the old mantra, all I could read was octogenarian senility. In one line of the speech, the president was disturbed with Biafrans dogged work on social media. He admitted that our social media footprints are a serious threat to cooperate existence of the Nigeria state.  I laughed and appreciated ChiukwuOkike Abiama for giving us the strength to hold strongly on this side of our comparative advantage against the zoo. As I read further, Vanguard reported how both the Senate President and Speaker of the house all abstained from the ceremony today in Abuja. Amazing!  So only Buhari was left to mourn (sorry remember) Nigeria today? Does it mean as Biafrans minded their daily activities today, so was these two principal officers of the zoo went for their normal activities? So, no one is ready to stake his time for Nigeria except Buhari?

Even the president was abandoned by his party today as his APC was in same time conducting her gubernatorial primaries, while Buhari was in Abuja showcasing how pariah Nigeria is both locally and international, his party members were killing and destroying lives and properties in many states same time.  In Imo, Rochas Okorocha son in-law (Uche Nwosu) supporters and that of Senator Hope Uzodinma were killing themselves and destroying properties worth millions of NAIRA. In Jos, the federal university Unijos was bleeding over the killing of over 7 students by the unknown gun men who ran into their hostels and massacred them. What does this show?  A rejected and ruined contraption. Can you imagine political parties fixing their primaries same day a nation’s independent ceremony?  Can you imagine independent celebration that both the senate president and the house speaker refused to celebrate?

What of the quite normal activities going on in Biafraland?  This show that while Biafrans allegiance has been withdrawn from Nigeria, it is allocated to mother Biafra.  For APC, nothing is worth celebrating.  To them, their bloody primaries is more important to them than the failed state. To politicians like Saraki and Dogara, the zoo called Nigeria is not worth celebrating. They have withdrawn their respects from Nigeria to their cabal. What of the common citizens, Facebook was awashed with pictorial satires depicting Nigeria as centre of horror. No good posts on the zoo as it looks everyone was ashamed to boast of Nigeria today.  In all definitions, today’s activities have proven that if there is outbreak of warning Nigeria, no one is ready to stake his life for Nigeria.  Not even her politicians who were busy with their personal activities today.

It is hard time the world understands how important it is to save lives by conducting referendum for Biafrans as the people have withdrawn their allegiance from Nigeria to Biafra.


Written by:
Austin Chika
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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