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Nigerians, you will be alright, don't worry. Bokoharam dey finish una poorly armed soldiers and una no ask questions, una no demonstrate, una jus dey carry on as usual.

Ndi intellectual, I know sey dis one no concern una because crumbs or money no dey inside. It will be suppressed because it is not something that brings money sharing via publicity, so ndị social media influencers would rather keep up their Buharideen and Atikulation contracted jobs.

The evil mainstream media whom they expect us to always listen to are dead silent. Only radio Biafra will do justice to it. But they hate us and wouldn't listen.

Nigerians, you will be alright I tell you, shebi una sey IPOB, the ones without arms are the terrorists? So, for that, northern soldiers with sophisticated weapons are here while southern soldiers with obsolete weapons are in Sambisa dying like chickens during Christmas while their northern counterparts are here extorting 100naira from motorists and some are escorts in oil companies.

OH! I forgot, I was supposed to be civil or politically correct, I shouldn't be saying such, I am educated, I am sophisticated, I can speak good English, hell no, I am supposed to be a gentleman, if I align myself with Biafra, people will think I am a lout, let me just keep quiet so that this Kanu guy won't have one on Nigeria.

But ihe neme kana eme. You can dissociate yourself for all I care, you can pretend for all I care, you can lie to yourself for all I care, you can envy for all I care, but one thing you can't wish away is the destruction that looms, the unworkability of the country, the disunity of the country and the fact that it can never change except the masses themselves rise up in a revolution. The soldiers included, because the evil Nigeria is dealing with them in Sambisa.

As long as the earth revolves round the sun and the earth rotates on its axis, whatever goes around, will always come around. Nigeria will always kill you, politicians will always feed off your misery. It does not matter whether you vote, it does not matter who you vote.

Am I sad that soldiers from the south are incessantly slaughtered by bokoharam? Maybe, am I sadder that their deaths are covered up? Yes, am I saddest that nothing happens, no protests, no speak outs by people who call themselves Nigerians? Yes, am I over sad that if we protest the killing of these soldiers, that the same unfortunate soldiers will still be the ones to shoot us down to quell the protest? YES!

This is the country you want me to be proud of, this is the hopelessness you expect me to revel in, this is the trash you want me to vote in, this is the squalor you want me to dwell in. You want me to stay and pretend with you that all is OK. You want me to just shut up and vote Atiku in so that PDP members will start their own lootocracy. You want me to support one Nigeria to appear learned.

Your head is not correct, you need a mental evaluation and a spiritual overhaul, you need a blood transfusion and a change of name. You need a shrink to bring you back to humanity, you need a miracle in your life.

Your insincerity is what makes me a Biafran, your wickedness is a driving force, your hate is a motivation, your lies equip me, your hypocrisy inspires me, your pretence assures me that what I am doing is right, your negligence of the truth tells me that what I am doing is just.

I can never like Nigeria again, I loved her once in ignorance and never again!

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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