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The atheists think themselves the most intelligent because they think religion is the cause of 99% of all of African social economic issues.

They think themselves better thinkers. They see themselves as more rational. They see themselves as far more intelligent and smarter!

But even at that, they are yet to see beyond their nose on issues that concerns the British geopolitical shit hole known as Worn-Nigeria.

They are yet to come to the knowledge that Buhari is not just the only problem and the other presidential candidates including Atikthief are not the solution.  If u agree with me on this then you will also agree with me that.

If we bring in China's President and his economic team to lead Worn-Nigeria that priceless leader and his magnificent team will fail!!!

If you agree with my first and second paragraph then you will agree that the only thing wrong with the geopolitical British plantation called Worn-Nigeria is her false foundation and fraudulent 1999 Abdulsalami constitution.

Having said that, if the Canadian government adopts the Worn-Nigeria constitution, after 10 years what do you think will be the fate of Canada??

Consequently, Referendum date or we boycott, is that not wisdom?

Why vote for an Atikthief that used his time and resources to campaign for his opponent. Is that not stupidity at its core?

Take note that, at the heart of your constitution is the Sharia Law.

Written by:
Ogbuefi-anioma Okpueze-isioma Enuani-Igbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV.

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