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In every society there must be a hard situation that will cause division or foster unity. Either way depends on how the situation is been managed. Nigeria govt had been sitting on a gun powder waiting for it to burst, as if they don't know the way to avoid its catastrophe. The recent trending news concerning the identity of the man in Aso Rock is a serious issue but the govt chose to ignore it forgetting that the common man in the streets are now discussing it and like a wild fire it has gotten to the ends of the world. Everybody now is discussing it with the world power paying a close attention to hear whether the government will challenge the allegation or will they continue to remain silent while their country is burning.

For the past four weeks now, since the reappearance of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, there has been questions here and there with no one giving an answer to it. Nnamdi Kanu's claim backed up with facts with overwhelming degree of empirical support, concerning the President should be a national discuss instead of the recent silent mode the government has adopted. The masses are listening to him and he is seriously delivering the message while the federal government is busy avoiding a dialogue.

In a well-developed country, this issue of Buhari's identity can't be swept under the carpet just like the federal government is trying to do. For the records no one can subdue the truth rather it will destroy you just like it is already doing to the Nigeria government with her handlers running helter-skelter.

The Northern Nigeria has committed the worst sin ever by cloning Jubril to look like Buhari. They have taken NIGERIANS as fools and as such they can do anyhow with no one questioning them in anyway.

If Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is wrong in his claim concerning the President, kindly challenge him using your own facts. What stops the president from removing his cap or even subjecting himself to a DNA test?  Their silence has further authenticated the claim made by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that Jubril is a body double of the late Muhammad Buhari (Former President of Nigeria).

All he said concerning the President is right. If otherwise while the criminal silence by the federal government, or are they claiming that they have not heard the allegation with the overwhelming facts.

The fact is that this country is run by monsters who have no regard for human lives and dignity. This President Buhari's saga will definitely put a halt to the election that is coming next year if the govt refuse to do the needful, by bringing out the President to clear the air.

Nigeria is a country that has many tribes and religions. If one section of it is saying or demanding for the President to come out and address them concerning his identity that is in question, why wouldn't the President heed to it or does it mean that those regions are not relevant? I have said it before, let us stop postponing the Doom's Day as if it will never come. Let the federal government organise a serious referendum where every region will come to determine whether to remain in Nigeria or to separate. We can't be living together and still be hating each other. Biafrans cried and the government responded by killing thousands of their youths and you want us to forget that and move on as if nothing happened. You are now waiting for us next year, hoping that we would come out  to vote, as if we are cowards. You must be joking. Address the Jubril saga now!

Those that you people killed are still crying unto God, begging Him to revenge their deaths and to us we must continue to appease them and will never let them down.

If the government want, let them react or maybe let them continue with their grave silence. Either way, Jubril impersonating Buhari is already been exposed and the culprits will face judgement soon because Nigeria will never exceed past 2019. Everybody knows that but some have chosen to be deceiving themselves instead of making us privy to the truth.

Mind you whenever a government's incompetence reaches the poor masses, believe me there is always a problem. Many will not understand me now but next year will vindicate me and also, millions of Biafrans preaching this gospel with me.


Written by:
Okpara Louis Okpara Louis
(TBRV Writer /Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Arum Liberty Donatus
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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