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The above topic is a simple paradigm shift to analyse the exacerbations/sufferings/pressures Nigerians are going through, the main reason why the restoration of Biafra is sacrosanct. The people of Nigeria are living in between hell and suffering, and the calamity is that, there is no hope for a better tomorrow. When they move forward they are faced with Hell, when they go backward they are faced with suffering/death so their hardship has no end.

Hell means: A place of punishment, agony.

Nigeria means: Nigga, meaning, misbehaviour or disrespect.

Suffering means: the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship.

If God must work with you, He has to change your identity to the one He can bless, if the identity you formerly bear do not suit Him. There are some places in the word of God where God changed the name of His servants to enable Him bless them. Like Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Saul to Paul and so on.

Nigeria is another meaning for hell, Nigeria is another meaning for suffering, Nigeria is another meaning for death and Nigeria is another meaning for disrespect, that is why when you travel from one part of the expired entity to another, all you see is desolation. Another example for you to know that Nigeria is devil's inheritance is that she doesn't progress but retrogress.

Let's go further, in 1960 after Nigeria so-called independence; a naira was greater than a dollar, approximately between 1972 a $1 was = N0.658
1973 $1 = N0.658
1974 $1 = N0.63
1975 $1 = N0.616
1976 $1 = N0.62
1977 $1 = N0.647
1978 $1 = N0.606
1979 $1 = N0.596
1980 $1 = N0.550

As at today 2018 $1=N370 officially. But as time proceed things began to deteriorate and her citizens began to suffer and were dying of starvation and diseases, education centre became a home for breeding cultism, hospital became more dangerous than morgue, roads became a death traps and instead of permanent electricity supply the citizens resort to generator (I pass my neighbour generator). The above are few examples that Nigeria is not a place for humans but demons. You cannot overstate the spate of extra-judicial killings and terrorism ravaging the enclave zoo call Nigeria. In fact, even the Military and Police act in constant discordant from the law and kill/maim/massacre her citizens in millions at will year in, year out in the name of political and religious or even ethnic crisis.

This was the beginning of calamity for the zoo called Nigeria.

In an essay that first appeared in The Times on 8 January 1897, by "Miss Shaw", she suggested the name "Nigeria " for the British Protectorate on the Niger River. In her essay, Shaw made the case for a shorter term that would be used for the "agglomeration of pagan and Mahomedan States" to replace the official title, " Royal Niger Company Territories". She thought that the term "Royal Niger Company Territories" was too long to be used as a name of a Real Estate Property, under the Trading Company in that part of Africa. She was in search of a new name, and she coined "Nigeria", in preference to terms, such as "Central Sudan", which were associated with the area by some geographers and travellers. Now that name Nigeria has no positive meaning and when the demonic colonial masters left the leaders of Nigeria fail to know the negative impact of name on a person, place or thing because they were busy creating wealth for themselves, so they carried on with a useless name Nigeria that is one of the reasons Nigeria can never be better. See the meaning of Nigeria above.

Come to Biafra, Biafra existed more than 5000 years before the zoo called Nigeria was forcefully created in 1914 by one heinous and nefarious element who says he is Lugard. I called him demon Lugard. Notwithstanding Nigeria was created in error that is why things cannot and will never go well until they allow Biafra to go.

This is what we Biafrans saw, that is why we need a place where we can call our home, where citizens will be treated equally. Where the president's daughter or son will be in same school with a farmer’s daughter or son. Where we can access same hospital as that of president and governor. Where we will never be afraid to worship our God as it pleases us.

God bless Biafra.


Written by:
Mazi Ohakwe Kelvin
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Legborsi Emmanuel
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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