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Nigerians are still baffled at our oneness, doggedness, consistency, inability to compromise and total loyalty to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (MNK) and our struggle.

They haven't seen such since the inception of the British royal company (Nigeria), It is a mystery that people in this space could be dedicated to a cause without monetary inducement but only powered by the expectation of being free.

They are misplaced when they see the zeal in our brothers abroad, how dedicated they want Biafra land to be like where they are, this also pains the political jobbers and the envious nobody(s).

How can one man be shown this behemoth love for being sincere? How can one man be this consistent and never capitulating? Even death couldn't score one on him.

These people know so well that true power actually belongs to the people, what is worrisome to them is that a man has come and has effortlessly drawn the common men to himself. The envy is huge. No establishment do this without enough expenditure, but they still know that the establishment is run and maintained on lies, fraud and sanctimony.

This man MNK is pristine, unwavering, sincere, bold and lips oozing with truth and education, the reason the disadvantaged, the destitute and the pure at heart follow him. The knowledge he gives spreads across all areas of life, from social, political, commercial, geographical, forensic to religious aspects. While doing this sensitization, it is expected that he will step on toes. The politicians and political jobbers won't like him, the religious leaders won't neither.

But we serve a God of truth who is not swayed by the materialism of man or his earthly influence, He is not swayed by the magnitude of your congregation or the opulence of your world, he gives no care about the sycophants that call you lofty names. The earthly pretence is infinitesimal to his standards. He works not with people's opinions or regular choices. He has his standard and that is sacrosanct and forever binding.

If a thing is divine, then who are you flesh and blood to truncate it? We believe in the spirituality of things and in the selected times for events. This is the time for the emancipation of Biafra, if you can read the times and decipher signs, you will know it.

MNK was jailed, you all swore that he will rot there, what happened, he came out, when he came out, most of you said he had collected bribe, that was the only way he could have been let go, he was given a hefty and unimaginable bail terms, he broke it and spread the Biafran evangelism even faster, going from state to state pulling crowds in their millions. He was offered two oil wells and a senatorial slot in his constituency by Ohaneze Ndị Igbo and the southeast governors, he rejected all that and you all were surprised that an African can reject such offers. This irked the evil men, so they proscribed his IPOB movement, tagged her a terrorist organization and then went to Aso Rock and begged Jubril to bring forth pythons to kill him and silence him forever.

The pythons came, danced, many fell, but he was able to escape at the sacrifice of twenty-eight faithfuls who gave up their lives so that he may live and continue this gospel of truth and liberation. But you all thought he was dead, especially those who became articulated. He appeared once more after a year at the wailing wall of Jerusalem to your chagrin. He ain't dead yet and his voice yet thunders.

We are in our times and we shall revel in it. Your blackmail and side gossip only make us stronger, we fear no one in debates neither do we give a care the level you have attained in life. We are always consoled in the fact that truth always prevails over falsehood and darkness always exists before a light shows the way. Many fights we shall have and many victories shall we also have and on this soil we are rooted till what we have truly becomes ours.


Udo nke Chineke.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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