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As a Biafran, Nnamdi Kanu's mandate is to make sure that you and your generations to come and have a conducive environment but what he will never do is to dictate to you on how you're going to live your life. There's a popular saying "You can force a horse to the stream, but you can't force the horse to drink water". That is exactly what Kanu is doing right now. He wants to take you the stream of life where if you drink the water, you will never thirst again but the question is "Are you willing to drink that water?".

The truth is that right now, we're doing ourselves more harm than good by going against Kanu's efforts to make sure we have a good life. Take for instance, as a kid in secondary school, your father sent you to school to become someone reasonable in the society, your father's obligations is to make sure he sponsors you by providing all that you need to become someone reasonable, what your father will never do is to force you to read your books. Your duty is to study hard knowing well that if you excel in your studies, you're going to become a better person.

Right now, Kanu is the man that wants us to become people that are reasonable in the nearest future by making sure he liberates us from this chain of illiteracy. He wants us to have a better life, he has all that it takes to make it happen but the truth is, how willing are we?

I think we owe ourselves the bigger task by adjusting our lives so that when Biafra finally comes, we will never have to suffer again. Don't ever expect that when Biafra finally sets in motion, everything is going to be at your beck and call. No! We can choose to make it an envy of all countries or make it a mockery just like Nigeria is right now.

All these energies most of us waste in castigating Kanu should be channelled in working out our characters and way of handling things. We should focus our attention on how to make our nation a better place when it comes. Ask yourself, when Biafra finally comes, what am I going to do in order to make it better? How can I provide jobs? How can I save lives?

Judaism or Christianity should be the least of your worries for now. Kanu is not going to force a particular religion down to your throat. All he's doing now is to show you whom you were before the whites came. If after Biafra is restored, you can choose to still maintain the life that your colonial masters lured you into or you go back to your original ways of worship.

Use this opportunity to shape your life so that when Biafra finally comes, you will never find it hard to fit in. Remember you can choose to make Biafra an enviable nation or worse than Nigeria. When Biafra finally comes, don't expect Nnamdi Kanu go house to house and tell you to do this or do that. Stop hating on him, he's not your problem, rather he's the solutions to your problems. Remain blessed.

Written by:
Victor Obinna Uzoaga
(TBRV Writer/Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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TBRV | Biafra

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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