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"Prevention" (they say) is better than "cure" but, you must agree with me that a total eradication of the cause to an ailment is far better and more rational.

A traveller is a student of knowledge and experiences, he's more learned than a greyed homebody. A traveller is more sophisticated than a stationary greyed old man, pay attention to transporters and you'd be amazed at the wealth of information or knowledge they bear about their geographical

Few days ago, I accompanied a friend to Onicha in Anambra state, from Omoba, we decided to connect with a mutual friend at Upper-Iweka before heading to Asaba. We were to convene at Tracas Park before we lost touch due to network glitch or flat battery, we drove to the Tracas Park along the Upper-Iweka highway, only to discover that his vehicle is not in sight.

We decided to ask passers-by if there was another Tracas park around Upper-Iweka; as we were being guided by someone, a group of ferocious looking hoodlums emerged from nowhere, surrounding our already wound down car. They queried us on why we were parked wrongly, there appeared to be too many interrogators that one without a stable mind would be lost to the confusing thoughts of trying to understand or relate with such situation. Immediately, I recalled having read reports on how unsafe Onicha has become for its inhabitants and strangers alike. I signalled my friend to zoom off not minding the casualties it may incur, since our ferocious guests wouldn't see to reason.

We had applied diplomacy, tried pacifying them with cash offers which they declined as they appeared to be after something more valuable, they aggressively held onto the car's side mirrors with threats of pulling them off if, we didn't open the car for them. They've been trying all the while to get hold of the car keys and open the car centrally but, couldn't since the car is a bit modernized beyond their unsophisticated knowledge.

I have always believed in the use of language power which is or can be used as a unifying factor. I am not from Anambra state but, I am fluent in the use of the dialect. And I thought the use of language power would quell the situation but, to my surprise these guys were bent on making away with whatever they could get from us. We held our position, struggling with these guys until our friend rushed in, to the situation, these hoodlums were going to pounce on him too but, it was difficult now, for we used our number against them (three of us against the number of them), to which we later subdued them with stronger arguments and threats.

Now, this article is not a recap of a dreadful experience nor a report on the terrible state of living in Onicha. But, an optical aid to diagnose the true cause of these unethical menace. One must come to logically agree that trees are not killed by mere pruning, so it is equally irrational to arrive to a lasting solution to the problems facing us by merely taking or applying temporal methods to abating them.

It is alleged that these hoodlums have been empowered by the current government of Anambra state for the ill purpose of political thuggery. That is an inexcusable fact that the Nigerian system of governance through her marginalized policies has reduced our youths to scavengers who even prey on their brothers for survival. This menace is not particular to Onicha, Igbos or southeast alone but, all round the Nigerian state.

In fact, it is noteworthy to acknowledge that it is worse in the northwest or southwest as you may have. How do we eradicate this menace from our society? Do we send the security operatives against these jobless youths who are on the lose for survival like Nigeria is known for (evading her political responsibilities), or solve the problems of these wandering youths and in turn solve the problem of the society at large?

Like these hoodlums, I am a youth also and I've not taken to the streets for survival because I have a different orientation, not because I'm not affected by the obnoxious system of government that has estranged and alienated the Indigenous people of Biafra. Same reason why the class of our elitists are unconcerned to the plights of the poor masses. Living in Nigeria is tantamount to living in the jungle, an epitomized survival of the fittest. The system is structured in a way that its citizens are dependent on each other for survival, such system should be attacked and not the its components...

Mazi Alex Nwagbo said:

That was why I told you that Nigeria caused such behaviour, and those guys can't be IPOB guys. Remember that the politicians still have their thugs. This is what we aim to achieve when Biafra comes.

This post is like a sermon for Biafrans not to engage in such wickedness.

We use every avenue to preach good behaviour to Biafrans, so that
 even the bad ones can change

Written by:
Edelweiss Emmanuel
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike 

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