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I spent my precious time to train some students on a debate competition with the topic, "Nigerian Leaders Are More Of A Blessing Than A Curse " which was scheduled to be aired via Enugu State Television Station (ETV Enugu), early this week.

I prepared them with polished English Language expression and I must say that I gave them the most wonderful points that is capable of waking those who currently are passively living in Nigeria to begin to ask questions. Their intonation is second to none. To my bewilderment, when we got there, the anchor of the programme couldn't stand what those pretty faces were dishing out. He asked the proprietor of the school who was also live there, "Who prepared these students? " and I answered "I did...."     She commended me for a job well done, but she further said, "This is bomb, I can't air this particular one. I don't want to lose my job." Here in Nigeria we have no freedom of press " she continued. Given to the fact that she has fallen in love with the striking points coming from the opposing side, she went to invite the M.D to hear his own opinion. The M.D on entering echoed "This is a bomb, we can't allow it here."

The anchor of the programme later selected only the proposing side to be aired. According to her, "We can only clap for our leaders even if they are wrong, that is what they want to hear". Isn't that the system you want to go out there and vote for again?  Something is definitely wrong with the brain of the average African men.

The above has confirmed that the Nigerian Press can only tell you what they want you to hear and nothing close to the truth. Little wonder the much dependency on IPOB media outlets for the truth as it is. Stop defending the Nigerian Media outlets they have nothing to offer the poor masses. We must work together to free Biafra and entire Africa from British powwow. It is time to condemn and reject with everything in us, the existence of this British company.

How many times have you seen the Nigeria Media outlets carrying the injustice being meted out on the people without paying lip-service or disguised support to their overzealous military men. They don't even have conscience otherwise why would they keep quiet in the face of anarchy we witness in Nigeria today?

Throw your support behind the struggle for the total restoration of Biafra and we shall escape together.


Written by:
Arum Liberty Donatus
(TBRV Writer/Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice-TBRV

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