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Nigerian intellectuals think that revolutions are carried out with decorum and friendly exchanges. They also think that revolutions begin with elitist approvals. These are people who wear suit and tie backed with big-big English grammar.

If revolutionaries must seek the approval of the elites, then who are the people revolting against? The elites in this context runs across political, religious, traditional, business and academic. All these people eat on a very massive dining table together. They are the people who tend to condition and control our minds with miseducation.

In Nigeria, before you become the president, you must negotiate with the archbishop of Canterbury (religious elite), there, parts of our future are decided. The owners of Nigeria which is Britain via the royal family control this orchard (Nigeria). Prince Charles was here few days ago, he made sure he took pictures with the traditional rulers (traditional elites) who are under the payroll of the government.

I don't need to tell you how cheap our academic elites are. Most of them sold Buhari to us. They deceive with lofty grammars and theirs is often the highest bidder takes their bias. For church, these evil politicians take the front seats with seeds that can pay pensioners and offerings that can give pipe borne water. The voice of the man of God will be lost to his inadequacies. The clergy, just like the business men, fears revolutions because it might upset the status quo and their investments and establishments might suffer harm.

Whether you want restructuring or a separate state, they can't be willingly given by the elites because they are the ones profiteering from this malfunction or status quo. The question is, how and what is this revolution? Mine, as a Biafran is boycott, in other words, civil disobedience, you as a Nigerian youth who wants restructuring, what is your revolution, what is your struggle?

Election I believe is not a revolution because things have only gotten worse while we have been voting. Voting brought in Buhari and the faulty system and constitution made him a monster, it is still possible that the rubbish system and constitution will still keep him there. If Atiku wins, he has once worked as a vice president with that evil manual, nothing changed. On the day Obasanjo accepted to support him, he promised Obasanjo to uphold the constitution, same evil book.

If the restructuring group has any other alternative apart from boycotting as stated by IPOB, let them let us know. Please, Nzukọ Ụmụnna and handshake across the Niger is not a revolution or civil disobedience, it is just a normal Nigerian political lunch or dinner party. They forgot to affix ‘I go die’, Bovi and Basket Mouth's pictures on the promotional print out because it is also a comedy show.

The card-carrying members of PDP and APC will not like this question, or those who have relations in looting positions. If you are an innocent Atikulator, you might not know that ndị political merchants aka online influencers don collect money since, chop, clean mouth. You, you will follow them and be saying "anything but Buhari" but you didn't participate in the booty.

If you are an Atikulator who Atikulates for restructuring, ask the small or upcoming political looters called influencers why they haven't or don't want to even make any comment about the restructuring alternative that Kanu gave the southeast governors and Ohaneze to tender to Abuja? They will never speak of it. All they are interested in is to call Kanu and IPOB names and you follow them. You don't know that they do that because Kanu is infringing on their "choppings". They don't want you to demand anything from Atiku.

People are really naive. This election battle between PDP and APC has nothing to do with your wellbeing. It has nothing to do with restructuring. It is all about who holds the key to the treasury. Of course, you all are always some willing tools. This was the euphoria and fanfare that greeted the evil called Buhari. One dollar to a naira, nobody asked "how?". You see these PDP merchants, they have copied and pasted that same mannerisms from the Buharideens.

The time for revolution is so ripe, do this, so you can quit the complains. Only you, the common man can change your story. Without you, they are nothing. You need to make yourself relevant with self-worth.

Change things SYSTEMATICALLY because that is the true sustainable change. Quit banking on the perceived righteousness of a president or governor to give you a good and sound administration. Demote his whims and caprices and let him lead by law and a true people's constitution either in Nigeria or Biafra. This is what will make you truly rich with good lives. Give your children an environment your fathers never gave you. Do it for them even if you don't want to do it for yourself.

Show your power for once in your life.

Maka ndị chọrọ udo.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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