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Since after the civil war that was fought between Nigeria and the Biafran people, Nigeria has devised so many dangerous and systematic ways to continue putting the Biafrans down; maybe to avoid them rising up again, they may have thought, without knowing that nothing sparks off a revolution and uprising faster like injustice, marginalization and denial of freedom to people. Nigeria has systematically placed embargo on both South-East and South-South (Biafrans).

First was the closure of Sea Ports in all parts of Biafra land, (South East and South South), and allowing only Lagos, Kaduna and Kano for the entire country to use. Sea Ports as we all know are a great ingredient for nation building. Today, no Biafran can import goods through Warri, Port Harcourt or Akwa Ibom Sea Ports simply because it will benefit them. A working Port will provide millions of jobs for teeming Biafran youths and that's what the occupational government of Nigeria doesn't want. Today, Lagos is overcrowded, yet it still inhabits three Sea Ports in Nigeria while other sea ports in Biafra land are closed down because of hatred of the Nigerian government against Biafrans.

Again, River Niger, from the early days was seen as one of the greatest accessories to trade and commerce, yet that river has remained dormant without any economic impact till this day. The non-dredging of River Niger by the successive Nigerian government is a sign that Biafrans are not supposed to be in Nigeria or Nigeria is not supposed to be one and truly not one. Their acclaimed oneness is fake and an insult to oneness. No one in unity hinders the progress of another part of him. The stomach can't eat and hinder the brain or the hand which is a part of the body from gaining from the food. That's because they are all one in one Body. Can we say same thing about Nigeria? No!

What of the second NIGER bridge? As Nigerian government are building and constructing massive roads and bridges across Northern and Western region parts Nigeria, South-East and South-South are left empty with nothing. Even though the people are tasked to pay the major part (amount) of the construction of the second Niger Bridge, yet President Buhari upon taken over power put the construction on hold. Till today nothing is going on there.

To further prove to you that those in former old Eastern Nigeria (Biafrans) are seen and regarded as slaves in Nigeria by the oppressive government of Nigeria controlled by the Fulani North, they gifted others with 6 states and some seven, but South East has remained with a miserable five states. With this they are short-changed in every aspect of the national issues, setup and gathering. With five states you have lesser numbers of governors, local governments, representatives in the Senate and House of Reps. You are short of three constituencies. The constituency projects that comes with them are gone. You can't effect any change through the Senate or House of Representatives. The implication is that only what the North wants will be passed in the National Assembly. Yet they claim one indivisible Nigeria. Where is it done in the world? It's only done in Nigeria. Is this not why we are saying no to one fake Nigeria? Is this not why we are asking people to start meditating on the oneness of Nigeria? Who knows they might discover that one Nigeria is vain, evil and an insult to our collective sensibility.

Another State in the South East would have given us another State. No matter how you argue against the proliferation of State creation, you will still understand that it is an injustice to give others Seven and give me Six. Do you know what more one State would have done in the South East? It would have created more jobs and developed more villages and towns. This is why sensible Ndi Igbo must as a matter of fact reject one Nigeria in its totality. Nigeria is evil.

Many injustices and marginalization Biafrans (South East and South South) are suffering daily in Nigeria are enormous.

What of the recent railway project? The entire South East was left out, neglected, ignored and totally removed from the project. Yet they claim Nigeria is one. They said the fake contraption is indivisible and its unity not negotiable. Lies! Nigeria is negotiable, it is not one and not united.

How is Nigeria one?  When the cut off marks to unity schools is different across the nation. When a child from the East (Biafrans) needs 130 to make it to the school, a Northern child needs only 2 or 3, at most 10 to make it into the same school, and after graduation the Eastern (Biafran) child will be made to be servants to the Northern child who knew nothing, no qualifications and no certificate. This is completely abnormal and unacceptable, and can never be a sign of oneness.

When you understand all these things, you will completely disconnect yourself from Nigeria and its injustices. It is too much and unbearable.

Say no to one Nigeria! Nigeria is an abomination and a curse to its citizens. We reject Nigeria.

Get ready for imminent Biafra referendum.


Written by:
Anichebe Udechukwu Emetoh
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Edited by:
Her Excellency Oluchi Christy
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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