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Always remember that they throw the first insult and call it a divergent view.

Don't be deceived by the suit and tie or the big grammar. The grammar shows he paid attention in his English classes while the suit and tie show that he once had up to 5000 naira and above to afford one.

Apart from these parameters, they are usually empty in reasoning and in sound logic.

One of the first thing they ask you is this, "can you highlight any workable procedure for us to achieve this Biafra THING". From the inclusion of the word "THING" in his question, you can deduce that he must be a suit and tie Facebook intellectual who might be an aspiring politician or a boy-boy to a politician.

As for me, I tell them that boycott is my first move. In their hollow reasoning, they tell you that it is not possible. Then I always reply them that how can it be possible when you don't want to obey? The voting that I have been ignorantly lining up with you to validate evil that makes the politicians and their cronies stupendously rich, how has that helped me as an individual?

You have tried one nonsense for how many years now, under a very terrible working manual called a constitution, you don't intend to change the constitution, in fact it cannot be changed by the political class because that is the manual for their heist. The only change that can be people oriented has to be done by the people themselves and you think voting in the same politicians is the solution?

You should go for a brain check. How can politicians who benefit from something, still turn around and change it? Are you truly OK? It is only the people who hurt from it that can change it through revolution or civil disobedience.

Suit and tie are never enough, the four walled educational system is not enough, grandiloquence is not enough. If your reasoning is limited to what you learnt in school, then you are a huge modern-day illiterate. The new learned brothers are not those who read ten novels in a day, they are not people who graduate with first class degrees, they are not people who write in sweet constructed lines of English either in poetry or prose.

If you can't ask questions of all that you have believed or have been believing since your inception and assiduously try to find answers to them by your own simple reasoning and personal research, then you must be the new man in the dark.

You must ask yourself some political questions, religious questions, social questions, economic questions and academic questions and strive all you can to have your answers. You are not wrought a robot. You are a man with flesh and blood and with a brain, you are neither programmed nor limited in terms of knowledge.

The irony is that the suit and tie Facebook intellectuals hypocritically tell you that you don't know what you are doing, but for real, they are the ones limited by the four walled school educational system. What he didn't see in his political science textbook a never be possible or make sense to him. Has he ever done his own personal research? Nope! As copy copy wey him be, he is still copying possibilities and impossibilities.

Udo nke Chineke

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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