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In 1914 Britain committed the greatest crime known to humanity by amalgamating various different countries and make them one, without their concepts and knowledge. Since then Africa has been the subject of scorn and backwardness like never before. Those people who inhabited Africa in the old are said to be wise and strong, even the Bible attested to it. But what really happened? What makes Africans of today become the most backward people instead of retaining their good and godly qualities?

The answer lies within the colonial masters who took everything away from Africans, even their identities and gave them a forged history. Today the great African Nations is the worst in the world with their Leader's killing their own people while the people themselves keep mute. In his broadcast Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that “Nigeria is a reminder that Africans is still in bondage and slavery. That any day Nigeria will be destroyed, that it when Africa will see the light and Biafrans will make sure of that", these are words on a marble and a powerful quote coming from a man who puts the interest of the people above his own.

In Nigeria, we have many ethnic languages with different beliefs and ideologies. They possess a pang of hatred for each other, yet they claimed to be one, knowing fully well that their unity is a deception and greed. Some people even said that, the unity of Nigeria, is gummed with the discovering of the Oil mineral resources and nothing more. Since the clamouring of the Restoration of the ancient Biafra Nation which started way back in 1967, with the Nigeria Nation declaring a genocidal war on us. After which, they said that they wanted to unite us back to their fake “One Nigeria”, Biafrans die in Millions and the rest of Nigerians, laughing at us, while they kill us.

We started it again, with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu championing it and protesting peacefully. The government of Nigeria reacted by sending their Military men to kill us again, but yet we are resolved to continue because Biafra Restoration is at hand. Nigerians joked about it saying that we deserve the treatment we are getting from the government concerning our call for a #Referendum conduction. They killed over three Hundred of our youths and yet Nigerians justified it and tag us terrorists.

As the law of nature will say, it is the law of Karma, the hunter has now become the hunted. Earlier this year not less than 6000 people had been killed in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, yet Nigerians kept mute and cannot even conduct a powerful protest to challenge the government to put a stop to it. Some months ago, the Nigeria police force, protested concerning their unpaid salaries, what did they get in return, was that their members numbering seven were slaughtered and since then all of them has kept quiet and continue with the status quo. The Nigeria Military is not left out, the Boko Harams are busy killing them like chicken while Nigerians keep mute as their security men are going down on a daily basis.

This is Nigeria!

We the Biafran people has posted a way of solving this issue, but out of hatred that Nigerians have for us, they refused our proposal and have decided to go and vote in another Ancestor who is one the pioneers of those who put us in this mess we are all in today. Let us come together and have a Sovereign National Conference without no go areas where everyone will have his or her say, and also those who wishes to remain in Nigeria will continue to do so and those who wanted to go will kindly do that peacefully through a Referendum. This is easy to do, if we are sincere with our consciences and stop the hating we have for each other. Else this country will remain stagnant and forever backward. When a mutual understanding is birthed, peace and prosperity becomes the order of the day.

Wise up Nigerians and do the needful.

Written by:
Okpara Louis
(TBRV Writer / Reporter)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice TBRV.

Edited by:
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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