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Without the people, there will be no rulers, without the congregations, there will be no priests or pastors.

If the earth should be organized, then there are people who should lead in different sphere of life, likewise, there should also be followers. We can't dispute this because this is conspicuously shown in the man leading the family which is the smallest unit of the society. It is imperative that a leader leads well and guides his followers to good fortunes with truth and honesty as qualities. If these qualities are lacking, it then rests on the followers to ask questions and maybe seek a change or resort to disrespecting the leader.

There is no Eze without Oha. If majority of the "Oha" have decided that the Eze no longer acts in their interests, it then behoves the ọha to reject the Eze, his royalty and his command.

I once wrote that the new illiterates will be those who refuse to ask questions on their FAITHS, NORMS, EDUCATION, SOCIAL LIFE, ECONOMY and others.

The people are now asking their religious leaders questions, it is no longer "believe without asking". In their greed, their treachery stands out. The people are desperate for a good and better life, they have looked for where to be saved but found it not in the walls of churches nor the microphones of the men who preach. It is also absent in the deceitful voices of the greedy chiefs and elders.

The people who lead have one thing in common. They are all taken care of by the people they lead. A clergy is sponsored by the congregants, this Buhari condition no be for am. The politicians live the luxurious life courtesy public funding called allowances. The chiefs are also on the payrolls of the government.

All these make the leaders very insensitive to the plight of the led or the people. The one most annoying is Christianity and what it was supposed to stand for. The sheep are now the ones attending to the shepherd instead of the opposite. They have forgotten that till this day, the core Judaist Jews don't believe in the sonship of Jesus to God, but what they all can attest to is that he was a radical who spoke against evil and greedy religious leaders. If you are conversant with his story, you will notice that they were the ones who set him up.

Forward to this generation, the religious elders and rulers now use this same Jesus to extort and impoverish the people. What happened in CKC catholic church on 1/11/18 was an indication of the people asking questions of many things and refusing not to be anyone's stooge. They weren't violent, but they passed on a message to the religious leaders. The people can no longer swallow every pill that you give because they are yet to see a difference. Very soon, it will only be the men of God that will be in those their firms they call churches. It is not by wearing long cassock and doing sign of the cross or by wearing expensive suit equipped with a nice English accent.

The people say they don't want to vote, you are there telling them to pray for a successful election. No be them be your congregation? Why are you lying to yourself? Don't you know you will annoy them? Or do you think they are just making jests? Why are you people as insensitive as the political leaders? If you don't agree with the boycott, but you know that almost all your congregation are for it, wisdom should have told you to not talk about it at all. I thank God for the none violent approach of IPOB as usual. What surprised me was that even elderly women in the church joined their younger IPOB group and filled out from the church building chanting "no election in Biafra land"

The criminal insensitive and proscriptive Ohaneze ndị oshi are still roasting in the hell they earned. Without us you are nothing! You can't tag us terrorists with a concomitant proscription and you still expect us to vote, we dey mad? This is the reason you too have been proscribed by the people. Without us, you all are very useless.

So, we, the people have decided to take our destinies into our own hands.

Written by:
Mazi Alex Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike

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