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This is the problem, we asked why Jubril didn't attend the first World War Commemoration Summit. Femi Adesina tweeted that he was there with fake pictures of Buhari.

The problem is this, no one-Nigerian idiot explained why Adesina lied. MNK foretold that Jubril will go to France but won't be on the guest list and that he will have a delay in return after the summit that he won't attend.

None of the incredulous lots have answered why Femi twitted fake pictures and why he really had to do so.

I am not surprised of a truth. A country who have produced more scientists and engineers and yet aspires to produce pencils by 2019, a country that produces more barristers and yet have the most despicable constitution and government structure. A country that produces more doctors with a concomitant more deaths.

I never expected anything from her miseducated and docile citizens to be honest. In Nigeria, schooling is to get a job and not to make the man.

I have not even talked about those ones waiting for a white man from the clouds to come and set things straight. These ones attend Shiloh, Adoration ministry, five nights of glory and the rest.
God actually gave them MNK but they wished him death, he is not a white man and he does not look like the drawing of Jesus.

Nigeria is a messed-up place with a messed-up citizenry. It is a no man's land, that is why the Fulani can import a Sudanese to play the dead Buhari. That is why people from Chad are contracted during elections, that is why lads and lasses at the age of six can have voter's card in the north.

To explain the Fulani conquest better, none of the southern idiots dare say anything about these. They are immersed in the hate of MNK and IPOB to face their demons I have mentioned above.

Whenever I hear idiots discussing Nigeria and elections, I see no hope. How can a virgin be rapped without being aware? How can a Sudanese rule a people in an evil enclave called Nigeria and the idiots won't notice? Even if they notice, they won't do a thing because they are actually docile idiots divided by ethnicity and religion.

Tufiakwa! The worst part is that Jubril has not even countered any of these o, it is the idiots that are defending him, and guess what? Some of his defendants are Atikulates who are supposed to be opposition. You see how idiotic the black man is?

Written by:
Mazi Nwabueze Nwagbo
(TBRV Writer)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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